Back yard might need a shoveling

I have been avoiding taking a shovel to our backyard so far this winter. Last Friday’s biggest storm of the winter may have changed that. Maybe. Perhaps.

Still to come

I don’t know if I can wait until the snow that blew under our side alcove melts on its own. I don’t know how long my hope will hold out …

What I saw was worse

Yesterday I showed you cherished rescue mutt Ellie B’s morning view of a big snow. Then I opened up our front door. Yes, that shovel signals my business.

What the dog saw

Friday morning was tough for Ellie B. Our cherished rescue mutt had to forge tracks out the back door to do what she must her second time out for the morning.

We got the winter’s big one … so far

I woke up yesterday at 4:30 a.m. to the sound of my driveway being plowed. At 5:30 my phone binged with texts from my terrific daughter Elisabeth sending me photos of how much snow she and George had to clear out there in Oneida. I got up for good at 6:30, let Ellie B out…

Now we see it

We’re back to the snow-looks-pretty in the backyard here our Galeville neighborhood in Liverpool. This sure has been a see-sawing winter, weather-wise.

Now I’m ready to tackle the walk and the driveway

Yes, Wegmans still had that new shovel I’ve been admiring. The metal edge will help me cut into the ice that the plow guy often leaves behind with his big blade. The straight handle will be good for throwing the snow. I like the light plastic purple bottom. Not that I’m asking for a quick…

The snow out back is knee-high

The backyard snow so far this January 2018 at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville has been off the charts. Last winter, our first here, I seemed able to keep up. This year, not so much. I mean, look at what crept up last weekend. I did manage a path out that…

Come snow, do you take the highway or side streets?

As the Lake Effect snow fell steadily during a work shift this week, my boss and I talked about our winter driving habits around Syracuse, N.Y. There were no customers at the front end registers at the moment. I told her how I had taken the New York State Thruway entrance nearby the Little Bitty…