Stretching it out at Onondaga Lake Park

I take the five or so minutes to walk when I travel from the library to the site of our Tuesday morning Storytime in the Park. It would take me that long to drive and park, anyway, I figure.

Outside exercise

Plus this way, I get to take out my iPhone 6s to snap photos.

Hard workers.

The yoga class is bask this season, I saw, stretching it out.

On the trail.

The man with the microphone on the tram made sure to compliment class members to his riders.

10 thoughts on “Stretching it out at Onondaga Lake Park

  1. Can you do Pilates in the Park? But I have to agree with willowdot Pilates has done wonders for my sciatica 😀These are great photos maybe I should swop my iPod (6 years old) for the new iPhone 😀


    • I would have to research if they have Pilates classes, Charlie. I gave that up a decade ago. They did make my more supple, that’s for sure. And, yes, I think you should upgrade to the new iPhone and enjoy the photo-taking experience!

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