Getting a leg up in Onondaga Lake Park

I walked through Onondaga Lake Park during a Tuesday morning on the way to take photos of a Storytime for the library when I had to pull the iPhone 6 out of my pocket and squeeze off a few quick shots for myself.

Uniform exercise.

Uniform exercise.

All of these folks with their legs just-so caught my attention.

They were down on their yoga mats, spaced out in the outdoors, exercising together in perfect time. An instructor was giving them a way to a better self, and they were taking it. A yoga class by the lake? Indeed, Onondaga County Parks had had a good thing going here.

Path to better health.

Path to better health.

Combined with the bright blue of the sky, green trees and warmth in the air with the clock not yet arriving at 10, it was a nice moment.

Lake, meet the clouds.

Lake, meet the clouds.

Throw in the steel blue-green of the lake and the cotton white of the clouds in the other direction, and I had my five minutes of artistic me-time before heading over to the kiddies and Storytime and work camera.

Are you a fan of exercising in the outdoors, and if so, what type of activity is your choice? Do you participate in yoga, and if so, what do you consider the top benefits? What would your choice for a class by the lake?

21 thoughts on “Getting a leg up in Onondaga Lake Park

  1. Wow, that looks like fun, Mark. I mean fun for Syracuse. Do that here, and you’ll suffer a heat stroke within 5 minutes. And what a beautiful sky! I always love how you have so much to do there. 🙂


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