Wearing the flag and name proudly

My dear wife Karen and I are trying the restaurants around A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville slowly but surely.

American Diner, proudly.

American Diner, proudly.

A recent weekend search for a good breakfast led us down Old Liverpool Road, just short of the railroad tracks, to the American Diner.

Americana, slice of.

Americana, slice of.

The owners are proud of their love for their country.

Regular folk.

Regular folk.

The decor, comfortable, says a lot.

Our waitress was friendly. The customers around us were relaxed.

Read their beliefs.

Read their beliefs.

Now, do I agree politically with everything I read on the walls and the menu? No, I do not.

Yet I thoroughly enjoyed the eggs, bacon and hash browns. My pancakes were a bit lumpy, however. Karen loved her pumpkin pancakes. And there you have it.

Last time out, we went to old favorite the Gardenview. Next time, we’ll try the Lakeview, the diner in the bowling alley.

Could you separate your politics from your food? What do you think of the American Diner’s decor? What do you think about so many sayings on the menu?


22 thoughts on “Wearing the flag and name proudly

  1. it depends on how strongly you feel about the political climate. always worth a try i say, maybe find a middle ground, though it sounds like they’ve pretty much decided how they feel )


  2. I don’t think I will eat there. I don’t have a problem with their beliefs and even agree with some of them, but the way they put them out there, I feel they are saying you are not welcome if you don’t agree with them.


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