A Funky Thanksgiving to all

I can’t give you a personally shot video of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade today because, well, here I am with my dear wife Karen in A Bitty Better in the Galeville neighborhood of Liverpool getting ready to celebrate the holiday, and the big hoo-ha is down there in Manhattan.

But I did think ahead while we were in the Carrier Dome for the Syracuse Orange game last Saturday. I pulled my iPhone 6 out of my pocket when the annual let’s-get-as-many-marching-band-musicians-as-we-can halftime show filled the field.

There’s a taste of the 600-plus performing Bruno Mars’ brassy hit Uptown Funk.

May you and yours have one wonderful day.

Shake it if you dare!

Not while you’re eating a big dinner, of course.

My apologies to those of you not celebrating Thanksgiving today. You can shake it too if you wish.

Will you or did you watch the big parade today? What will you be eating today? Who will you be visiting with this day?

21 thoughts on “A Funky Thanksgiving to all

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to Karen, you, and your sweet little pooch. We are back in the Philly are at my folks where the Sprog is having her annual Cousinfest. Much eating, much complaining about the Eagles, and much discussing and drinking of wine by The Boffin and Big Brother. Turkey Day as usual. 🙂


  2. i love this and it is an exciting event in itself. there may be some shaking going on before and after. we watched the detroit parade and switch back and forth to macy’s. i have some of the grandies and we have stayed in pj’s and having cozy breakfast inside while cooking and watching. later, we are heading over to the oldest ‘c’ daughter’s house where we’ll gather with family and friends and pets. best you you and karen and your tribe on this thanksgiving. we all have many things to be thankful for )


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