My sweet middle sister Frannie gave and got much love and friendship

We’re back from our trip to Long Island for the services for my middle sister Frannie.

She passed away at the age of 51 last week, sending shock and sadness through her husband Jack, my little sister Dory and myself and our beloveds, and everybody else who she touched through those years on our planet.

So many people, we saw Sunday in the pretty funeral chapel in her neighborhood.

They told us all, saying hello to me again if I knew them, allowing me to introduce my dear wife Karen and daughter Elisbeth if they hadn’t met. They hugged me and shared their condolences even if this was the first time we’d ever crossed paths.

I saw neighbors who lived on our streets in Levittown and Stony Brook when we were growing up, and folks from Jack and Fran’s life and Dory and her husband Jim’s life, all with stories about Frannie’s way with them.

Dory and Frannie.

Dory and Frannie at her Confirmation.

Thank you all for sharing these memories.

I know you made it better for Jack during these hours, of most importance.

I’ll carry your thoughts forever.

Jack’s friends started a Go Fund Me page.


33 thoughts on “My sweet middle sister Frannie gave and got much love and friendship

  1. I’s never easy, Mark, but it is so comforting to know that they were loved, within and outside of family.💕

    I have a younger sister named Fran. We don’t talk often enough. Hugs to you and your family.


    • Yes, it is a sad happening in our lives, John. She was way too young.

      I am glad to hear from you here, old neighbor and friend. Yes, the years went sailing past, did they not? Thank you for your kind words.


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