In search of the Blue Moon over Syracuse as a skunk cloud lingers

The dreaded skunk made its late July appearance in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood last night. Fortunately, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyke was safely on the back porch when I caught the first whiff, and I was able to shut the door before she raced to investigate.

So — knock on wood — no repeat of last year’s thorough skunking, from which she appears to have recovered better than my dear wife Karen and I.

Some poor thing quite nearby got it, and the aroma remains. For the time being, early morning and after-dark precautionary leashed walks will have to suffice for Ellie B’s needs.

On the way back just now, I noticed the Blue Moon, as in “once-in-a,” that has gotten its share of attention around these parts today.

The clouds are moving in and out like a curtain. I grabbed my iPad Air and did my best.

A cover of clouds.

A cover of clouds.

I ran in to get Karen, and snapped as many photos as my patience and the 1-1 Mets-Nationals game on my flat screen allowed. I think they’re cool. But the full moon didn’t come out for us.

Did you spot a Blue Moon tonight? What haven’t you done lately under the moon that would be fun? Do you like Blue Moon beer?

45 thoughts on “In search of the Blue Moon over Syracuse as a skunk cloud lingers

  1. We’ve been too overcast here to see blue moons, even if I had been aware that we had one bro Mark. I have packed boxes in one room, while everything I use daily is in the other. I’m at a point where I think I will request that they just replace the wiring and let me stay in this apartment with only a new fridge. There is too much talk about things already breaking down in the reconstructed apartments, everything done on the cheap, so I would rather just stay where I am rather than move stuff down the hall and try to have things I don’t need replaced or repaired a week or two after that. Must be time for me to collapse, because I’m no longer aware of what I’m saying. G’nite bro Mark.


      • No sleep for the weary bro Mark. Still up and running, and wound too tight to come down. Hate to think about it, but it might be time to pour some of my liquid gold in my smoothie tonight. Very Old Barton’s Bourbon, rescued from Mom’s place and my brother’s grasping fingers. I had to do something to save Steve. He already had the vodka and rum, and I didn’t want him to be too hung over the next morning. I was going to save it for cooking, but I guess now I’ll need some anesthesia at bedtime, and that is a very smooth tasting type. Made right here in Owensboro, where my cousin is manager of production. So nice to be from a huge family.


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  3. I’ve smelled skunks in our neighborhood but fortunately haven’t encountered any. Our problems are with the neighbor’s side yard and area behind her pool, neither of which have been mowed even once this summer. There’s a fence between her yard and ours, but Cody has been fascinated by those two areas to the point where Cody forgets to do her business while outside. We finally saw rats running along the fence from the side yard jungle to the behind-the-pool jungle. We’re going to have to do something about that. Cody has had her shots, but still …

    Gotta love the neighbors.


  4. Bluuuuuuuuuuuue Mooooooon…… I didn’t see it. Full moons for me come with a price. But they are gorgeous aren’t they?

    Those skunk clouds are wicked. How’s come we can’t have bacon clouds?


  5. You think these skunks have some kind of interstate network set up, Mark? My wife started smelling our skunk again in the past couple days. I haven’t smelled her yet, but my time is surely coming. I suspect it’s a coordinated attack.

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  6. What did you do for Ellie B’s odor that time? I guess the question is academic for me, since we are currently dogless. We saw the moon through trees and behind a house Friday morning and Steven went out on the front porch to see it last night after I had gone to bed. Regarding once-in-a-blue-moon activities, perhaps I will clean my house today. Then again, there is no cause for anything too drastic.

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  7. No blue moon here mate, just rain drizzling on my camera lens, called it quits and went to bed.
    I know about Skunks and their aroma, but thought it was overrated, mainly from my days of liking Pepe Le Pew, used to like the way his Paramour would walk under a freshly painted ladder to get the stripe down her back.


  8. Ooo – that’s right!!! It’s a blue moon. I must go see. Be right back……I’m back. I think the moon lost it’s blueness on the way over to us. It just looks like it does every other night. I will keep watching though!!!!


  9. I witnessed the beautiful blue moon rising over the hills near our house. But my photo did not turn out so well. I did light a blue candle, had blue corn chips and blue cheese with my dinner and a glass of blue wine. 🙂

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  10. I got a picture of it at Destiny Mall from the upper parking deck. Kind of small in the background because it was on my iphone but came out pretty clear. It was out in full with clouds around but not obscuring it. I tried to e-mail it to you but I must have an old address because it bounced.


  11. Neat pictures Mark – your iphone does an excellent job. It is cloudy with thundershowers here tonight so there is no chance top see the moon. I’m glad that Ellie and the skunk didn’t tangle. Whew!


  12. I like blue moons up in the sky and the beer with an orange slice, Mark. I am playing catch up after a week if no cell phone. Glad to see Ellie B. Did not run into skunk nor need to be bathed to remove it’s aroma 🙂

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  13. I caught the Blue Moon on my iPhone, Mark. Not a particularly great shot but I love moons so much (no matter what their color), it’s rare for me not show the moon in my blog (as I will tomorrow). I’m glad nobody got skunked.

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