The Doc makes house calls

That's my Met.

That’s my Met, holding the water bottle.

In 1986 Doc’s visits came via TV

April innings snuck sparingly during work nights

May Saturday games yelled at in smoky Syracuse bars

June July August hoping this 21-year-old Dwight remained good and true

Third year in the bigs with my Mets on a real roll

Thunder and lightning fastball

Lord Charles curve

Opposing batters, knees buckling.

September was cruise control on the way to 108 games won

October, oh, October.

Astros fall in six games for pennant!

Buckner misses game six Mookie grounder and, poor Red Sox, we win game seven!

The Doc and gang delivered a World Series title in 1986

And my 29-year-old’s heart said wheeeeeee!

On June 20, 2015, Doc’s visit came in person

I stood by a rail in NBT Bank Stadium

I wore a Mets shirt

I wore a Mets hat

I looked out over a line of a thousand Mets fans ignoring the Chiefs game

They waited for five seconds and one autograph.

I wanted one good picture.

The buzz started

Some folks saw the tall former pitcher walk out of the hall

Chiefs GM Jason Smorol strode next to Doc

They aimed straight toward the rail

Toward me.

Tne Mets fans called his name

Hey Doc

Hey Dwight

Hi Doc

Hi Dwight

The man who won the 1986 World Series with my gang of Mets

Doc looked straight ahead

At my shirt

At my hat

At my smiling face

Doc Gooden reached out

He shook my hand

And 29 years later my heart said whooooooooooa!

1986 visit Syracuse.

1986 visits Syracuse.

The Triple-A International League Syracuse Chiefs called Saturday night Re-opening Day, with 1986 New York Mets Dwight Gooden and Len Dykstra visiting to sign autographs. Although it was announced that both would sign on the concourse between 5 p.m. and the start of the game at 7, transportation for the former players’ was late. Dykstra signed from 6 to 8 p.m. and Gooden from around 8:10 p.m. to 10:10 p.m. The line for each was long. I decided to just take pictures and watch the game with my dear wife Karen, daughter Elisabeth, her boyfriend George Three, and his parents George Two and Susan.

This is the second of my entries in the Five Photos Five Series Challenge. My thanks to Amy Rose for nominating me to participate.

Here’s how this challenge works: You Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph that shares your insight or inspiration of or from the image.

Today I nominate my friend, novelist S.D. Gates. Have fun!

37 thoughts on “The Doc makes house calls

  1. On June 20, 2015, Doc’s visit came in person.

    DUH! Now I am awake.

    I’m all aflush with desperation that finally I got it. What in the heck did I read this am? Or did I read at all? Here it is almost 1pm and now I am finally beginning to wake up. So you were standing at the rail, taking pics. Some fans began to call his name, and in so doing, he looked at you and shook your hand. Your 29 year old Heart (the same one when this man was playing ball) went WOO HOO! Got it! Sure did take me long enough. I think I will lay down now and take me a nap. That just about wore me out!!! Hehehehehehehe ❀ πŸ˜‰ ❀


  2. Full disclosure, I hate the Mets passionately. I just hate them and probably most things NY related as well. Lol. I remember when Gooden broke in as an 18 year old. He was nasty to hit against for sure. For some reason I thought Lenny Dykstra was dead or something. I’ll be darned. Carry on, good sir.


      • When I was a kid, I had a “The Mets Are Pond Scum” t-shirt. They were pretty big around here in the late 80’s… and every once in a while, I’ll still see one at the ballpark even though the two teams haven’t been division rivals in 20 years.


  3. Woo hoo!!! Doc looked right at YOU and you have a pic to prove it! Way to go, cuz!!! Great post one I truly enjoyed! You are off to a great and mighty start! Day 2 and you are looking oh so fine!!! Goooooooooo, cuz!!!! (((HUGS))) cuz from the west ❀


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