This group of three had a real fine time, thank you Ann Koplow

My dear wife Karen and I kept the Sesuit Harbor Cafe in our hip pocket, an ace in the hole if you will on the Traditions List for our pre-tourist rush June week in the Happy Cottage.

Hello, people having fun.

Hello, people having fun.

The setting on the Bay screams Cape Cod.

Blue sky, golden sand.

Blue sky, golden sand.

Boats and beach and dunes and birds and sun.

Outdoor seating.

Outdoor seating.

And outdoor picnic table to savor the lobster or fish or anything you wish from their written in chalk on a board menu.

This is where we wanted to take BloggyVille’s best group leader in psychotherapy, Boston’s own Ann Koplow. Yes, the writer of The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally drove to visit we and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle Saturday, our next-to-last day in her home state, and so I thought this would be a great place for us to eat lunch.

Ann pulled into the driveway at the dot of noon, her iPhone app Waze pulling through perfectly.

Ellie B was enthusiastic in her greeting after the humans all shared hugs for this first face-to-face encounter after two years of faithful daily commenting on each other’s blogs, but heeded in my order not to jump on Ann because she just had serious surgery. Ann smiled because she knows how much I tend to give orders.

We fell into easy conversation about our blogs, about our lives, about this, that and everything. I thought to ask at last if she liked seafood, since we were going to eat at a marina cafe and all. Sure thing.

Ann rode shotgun as I drove. She got a kick out of Karen helping me affix my bib so I could attack the cracking and eating of my lobster.

We laughed as the two blogger in our party of three jumped up and took picture of our surrounding with our phones.

You will see her shots by clicking the link above. Her eye is always toward wordplay and intriguing connection.

We stopped at an intown dessert shop on the way back to the Happy Cottage, good for fuel for another hour’s worth of conversation in the backyard.

I was sad when Ann said it was time for her to drive back to Boston. First we needed official photos of each other to top these simultaneous posts, something worthy of us both netting our first Freshly Pressed post. That was worth a good chuckle. Ironic, anyway.

Yes, that's Ann behind her iPhone.

Yes, that’s Ann behind her iPhone.

So there’s the woman with the special heart, our Ann who shies from putting the focus on her full facial image but always gives her all in spirit and knowledge and humor, an amazing 895 days in a row as of this morning’ post.

I had no worries that we’d get along in real life. Then came the bonus day in the Happy Cottage. I like Ann Koplow even better in person than I do in BloggyVille.

Have you read Ann Koplow’s blog yet? What’s your favorite aspect of The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally? Who have you met in real life from BloggyVille, and how did it go?

63 thoughts on “This group of three had a real fine time, thank you Ann Koplow

  1. how great that you had the chance to meet up in person. i love her blog too and see how the 4 of you, hit it off right away. i’ve met a couple of bloggers and have stayed friends in real life as well as blog life )

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  2. Still have not met a few Ohio and bordering states bloggers, Mark. I was thrilled to see Ann’s post where you got together, Mark! So glad Ellie B. Is such a good listener and did not attempt to jump on Ann. I worry about how she recuperates. Serious stuff, heart pacemaker surgery. I wrote a comment which included you and Karen. Which you may be monitoring her post alread to see your combined friends commenting.
    The meal and warmth shown in this post and hers really emphasizes how close people can get through blogging, Mark πŸ™‚

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  3. Nice! I have met a lot of people from the interwebz, but I’ve only met two bloggers. They were fantastic, of course! It would be a dream to travel all around meeting all of my cyber friends. Can you imagine? *daydreams* lol

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  4. Such a cool encounter. The Sesuit Harbor / Cold Storage Beach area of Dennis is entirely my favorite neck of the woods; my family still has a house there near Scargo Tower. Glad you guys had a chance to break bread together–or err break shell? Enjoy the summer, and say hi to the Cape for me.

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  5. I found you through Ann’s blog! Looks like a great day- and finally a photo of Ann!! How wonderful to finally meet the person behind the blog- it must have been like connecting with an old friend as we all come to know one another so well through blogging

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    • When Ann gave me permission to take and publish this photo, I was floored, Lisa. I feel like it’s a big reveal! πŸ™‚

      When she got out of her car and started talking, I knew right away that it was the Ann I’ve read two years. Same person. Old friend, indeed. What a wonderful discovery that was. We need a big BloggyVille party so we all can get this feeling simultaneously.

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