In Provincetown, the tide is out

There was more to our trip to Providence than the great Straight from P-Town T-shirt door-knocking venture.

This tip-of-Cape Cod city is a fixture on My Dear Wife Karen and I’s Traditions List for our pre-tourist-boom June week in the Happy Cottage.

It’s dog friendly.

Welcome, Dogamous Pyle.

Welcome, Dogamous Pyle.

So we took a left from the main street and were quite happy when the first beach on the Atlantic said dogs were welcome. Karen took off her flip-flops and did her thing with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. Out, out, out they went at low tide.

Pretty in my eyes.

Pretty in my eyes.

Doing their thing.

Doing their thing.

I enjoyed taking in the beauty with my eyes and my iPhone 6.

Exploring the jetty.

Exploring the jetty.

Ellie B also enjoyed poking around closer to shore.

This trip, we also took a walk around the grassy square just outside the famous Providence tower. It’s the subject of trolley tours, but we remained on our eight legs total.

Click on any gallery photo for a description. Click and hold on the bottom right photo for an enlarged slide show.

With Dogamous Pyle in tow, I did not have time to study what I was looking at in the square.

We did wear her down with the walk. And then we had to eat take-out from a food court, sitting outside and above.

I picked some quite delicious Chinese, with boneless ribs and pork rice with an egg roll. Karen had a tasty ranch chicken pita. Ellie B took a load off under the picnic table until one of the young men working at the tent-covered bar spotted her and brought over a cup of water, which she lapped up with a smile on her face.

Would you walk the stairs in that tower? Would you stop to read up on the history? What’s your favorite photo, and why?

35 thoughts on “In Provincetown, the tide is out

  1. as you know, i love ptown too, and it is quite welcoming and friendly to everyone. when i was there with my daughter, we’d walk way out on the sand at low tide. one of our fav times of day there –


  2. I liked this post since it had a photo of low tide. Most photographers capture “cleaned” beaches but this one is frequently how I think of beaches. You made this “real” Mark!
    I like bits of history and would climb open stairs that lead to great perspectives and views. Ellie B. with the Mrs. makes me smile, any time you insert in your post. Like a personal “signature.”


  3. Very coll walking tour Mark. Awesome pics. I do stop and read all historic plaques when I come across them. Looks like you are having a relaxing time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Visited Provincetown on a Leaf Peeping trip some years ago… I remember it because dinner was one of the best thin crust pizzas I had ever eaten!


  5. Being Irish and sociable I would have to say the last picture is a given but I did pause to admire the shot of the official looking building, smart and officious. Loved the shots on the beach of Ellie B and Karen.


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