D.C. in Photos: Peek-a-Boo Views

On our five walks around Washington, D.C. during Easter weekend, my dear wife Karen and I saw glimpses of many things that made my wonder, what else?

What winds down this road?

What winds down this road?

At any intersection, any of the four choices could take you to many interesting places. This wide crossway above was one of the most intriguing to my eye. Far in the distance you can spy the guardian of the city, The Washington Monument.

The Capitol under wraps.

The Capitol under wraps.

The U.S. Capitol is currently under construction, its familiar dome cloaked with scaffolding. What will its unveiling reveal?

Staircases to the the news.

Staircases to the the news.

The glass sides reveal staircases, where visitors scurry around the floors of the Newseum. What stories are being told by the world’s newspapers that are still hanging on today?

Modern Head, by Roy Lichtenstein.

Modern Head, by Roy Lichtenstein.

This modern sculpture outside the Smithsonian American Art Museum screams “great things inside.”

Are you Lion?

Are you horsing around?

The Federal Triangle Freedom Trail includes a variety of mysterious statues.

Coming tomorrow: Our Canadian Friends

See Wednesday: Old and New

Do these views leave you wanting more? Which mystery is the deepest to you? Which photo is your favorite, and why?

32 thoughts on “D.C. in Photos: Peek-a-Boo Views

  1. I love ALL these photos, Mark! The head looks like a 5. I like the scaffolding one though it’s definitely weird that DC had the capitol as well as the reflecting pond under construction during such a huge even as the cherry blossom festival. πŸ™‚


  2. I am a bit of a news junkie, so that Newseum had me scurrying over to their website. Normally, I don’t like glass buildings, but in this case, the glass, allowing you to see inside the ‘news’ is appropriate. I also like how it dominates the streetscape from the angle you took it.


    • Thanks, ViloletSky, for your kind words about my Newseum shot. More shots of that building important to both of us to come in my “Odds and Ends” finale on Friday, FYI. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Welcome, news junkie!


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  4. Roy Lichenstein’s sculpture is amazing and so glad you took this photograph. I wanted to let you know, Roy L. designed what some people consider not art, ‘Brushstrokes” sculpture in the Columbus, Airport. I like it but some don’t. Thanks for all the amazing ‘peeks’ into Washington, D.C, Mark!

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