Leonard Nimoy and Dr. Benjamin as Spock, over at BoFN

(From funnynameblogs.com)

(From funnynameblogs.com)

The world lost a man last week whose passing was marked with sad and loving words by space freaks and TV/movie geeks of several generations.

And today the Blog of Funny Names must bow its head to the legend of Leonard Nimoy, a man who through the wonderful mind of Gene Roddenberry and TV cameras of NBC on Sept. 8, 1966, brought the U.S. a pointy-eared Vulcan by the name of Spock.

This emotionless crew member stood at the side of Captain James Kirk on the Starship Enterprise through space frontier expeditions and escapades. You might be surprised to discover it ran for just three seasons. But it lived on in syndication, and spawned future generations of TV shows and crews, and then became a movie, with sequels and more evolution.

Trekkies were born, fans everywhere, wearing space costumes and celebrating this stuff.

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12 thoughts on “Leonard Nimoy and Dr. Benjamin as Spock, over at BoFN

  1. I was sad that William Shatner didn’t make it to the funeral and then heard a great perspective on this. William S. had a prior engagement, he explained, for raising money for Red Cross. The living take precedent over the dead, and his friendship is one that was close over the years. Someone asked him, “Was Leonard Nimoy a good father?” Shatner replied, “He was a fantastic (or great, not sure which but the essence was positive) and a wonderful ‘uncle’ to my own children, too.”
    Entertainment Tonight and other shows have mentioned Leonard Nimoy being good to women, supporting their right to have equal pay (his coworker who played Uhura) and also, to include everyone in the animated series, which was going to leave a few out, which meant they would not have financially benefitied. I mentioned on someone’s blog that when my Dad heard he had written poetry books, he went out and bought two of his books for my Christmas present, Mark. Sadly, when I downsized from a 3 bedroom house to my one bedroom apt. I gave or sold many of my special books. I hope my son or my ex husband got the Leonard Nimoy poetry books. My son collects all of the Star Trek Hallmark ornaments and the grand kids love them on the Christmas tree. My Dad bought all of six plates which had each of the main characters featured on them. My son has those… Thanks for sharing your World’s Fair memories on my post, hope this is not too much Star Trek memories for your post! Smiles!


    • Great Star Trek memories, Robin. You had fantastic collections to pass along. Your father made sure to feed his children’s love with the best of this franchise’s offerings. I hope your children and grands are enjoying all of the great merchandise, even the Nimoy poetry books that you love so much! Thank you for adding these memories to my post about Leonard, our Mr. Spock, RIP. Captain Kirk/William Shatner said wonderful things about his friends to make up for not making those services, didn’t he?


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