Beth pays off Wolverine wager with her unusual voice

I have to hand it to Beth. For somebody who calls her blog I Didn’t Have My Glasses On, she has extremely sharp focus.

Beth is a graduate of the University of Michigan. My alma mater is the University of Maryland. So when My Terrapins moved to the Big Ten to join her Wolverines for the first time ever this college football season, of course we had to put stakes up for a friendly bloggers wager.

She came up with them. It had to do with singing the other school’s song and posting the video on your blog if your squad lost.

I really, really did not want to do this.

Alas, my Terps scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to prevail in Ann Arbor on Saturday afternoon.

(From I Didn't Have My Glasses On)

(From I Didn’t Have My Glasses On)

Beth paid up with a post this morning. You can see how she started it above.

And the wily woman indeed posted a singing video of the Maryland school song. You’ll have to go visit her place to enjoy the moment.

Here’s the link for Beth’s payoff post on our bloggers’ wager for the Maryland-Michigan college football game.

Do you know the words to your school’s alma mater? Have you ever sang it in public? Have you been caught on video singing any song, and if so, where and when, and can you give us the link here?

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42 thoughts on “Beth pays off Wolverine wager with her unusual voice

  1. That must have been very cool, singing your Golden Gopher U of MN song with your daughter, Liz. Nice. About the wistfulness … You have to catch up and make your fun now, no? πŸ˜‰ Yes, I still have my school spirit and my fun. And I got Beth down right in that description, surely!


  2. Went to all of one football game in college, so am sure I sang it then. But also sang it just last weekend when Clare and I went to a U of MN indoor marching band concert. They had band alum on the stage at the end and I had a moment of wistfulness, knowing that I studied my college days away and didn’t do much else. Might have been fun to have had more school spirit. Sounds like you still have yours πŸ˜€

    And re: Beth. You totally have her pegged with that first sentence πŸ™‚


  3. I was wondering at first what Michigan was doing playing Maryland this time of the year. I can not keep up with the constant college conference shuffling. Has Hawaii accepted that invitation to join The Big East yet?


  4. All I know is the first half, starting with “The Eyes of Texas are upon you, all the livelong day” which sounds exactly like “I’ve been working on the railroad…” Do they sell a cocktail there called Terpentine? They should.


    • I’ve heard your song played on TV, oh, all the live long day, Kerbey. Lots of touchdowns for the Longhorns I’ve seen! The Terpentine? Sounds like it would take the varnish off our statue, Testudo. How about the Terpintini, with an olive? No, students would more likely still be chugging from beer bongs like the did in my day. πŸ™‚

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      • I like that one, Kerbey. True story: About a dozen years ago, I went down there and visited KP, my Syracuse best bud who had accepted a temporary newspaper post at the Washington D.C. bureau for a few years. I took him to see the Maryland campus, My favorite bar, the Vous (short for Rendezvouz) had yup-ified and changed its name. It was charging a cover at the door! But when they heard this old man bitching about it and recalling the glory years of The Vous, they let me in so I could show KP and point out any of the landmark stains that still remained from my college drinking exploits. πŸ™‚

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      • What a great name. Glad they were smart enough to let you skip the cover, old man. Why charge a cover if everybody is drinking? I don’t get it. Any stains left? I wonder if The Regal Beagle is still open.

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      • The floor was still sticky. Which means people were still spilling their beer and the humidity still gets over 90 every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day down there and that corner building has no AC. They had these wooden shoes behind the bar that they’d let regulars sign. Heineken fascimiles or some such nonesene. Anyway, they were still back there, and I looked at one closely and among the scribbles I could make out my name and “1000th pitcher.” No, not baseball. Even then I could embellish.

        The Regal Beagle was a great name, Kerbey.

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      • That completely explains my last five years of not following the rules so closely anymore, Mark. Way too much lost time to make up for.

        And lol, since we’ve been on this country-city thing, I’ll tell you about the parties I did attend in college. Larry was a member of Farmhouse Fraternity and their parties were held in barns. With sawdust on the floor, so no sticky. And I’m fairly certain I never had even a sip of beer. So yes, trying to make up for that now.


  5. Congratulations Mark. Who knew a Terrapin could beat a Wolverine? When did the Terrapins move to the Big 10? Here in the West UCLA beat USC which is a very big rivalry out here. Wanted to wish you and yours Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. and who knew that you had 2 different songs? he was pretty good at lip-synching my voice, though, i have to give him credit. and as for the lyrics, they are different than what i/we are singing. keeps it interesting – )


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