A friendly bloggers’ wager on the gridiron

The day has arrived for the third in a series of BloggyVille wagers regarding the success of the sports teams that Beth of I Didn’t Have My Glasses On and I.

Just as a refresher, and not to rub it in at all, I won the season series wager between my Triple A Syracuse Chiefs and her Toledo Mud Hens in International League baseball play during the 2004 season, and Beth paid off with great photos she took attending a game in Toledo (and a care package that came in the mail, too, totally because she’s a great sport). Last fall, I won again when my alma mater Maryland Terps beat her alma mater Michigan Wolverines in football, and she paid off with a boffo post of Maryland alum and San Francisco 49er Vernon Davis singing our alma mater. It was a mighty big save from herself singing it, by the way, which I would have done with her Michigan song if the not for Maryland’s 23-16 comeback win in Ann Arbor.

Maryland's home turf. (Photo from Getty Images)

Maryland’s home turf. (Photo from Getty Images)

Well, Michigan visits Maryland in Byrd Stadium, today at noon. So far this season, my Terps are a lackluster 2-2. We lost to Bowling Green of the non-Power-Five MAC. We got shellacked by West Virginia this past Saturday by the count of 45-6. Michigan, on the other hand, is 3-1 and ranked 22nd in the country coming off its 31-0 shutout of BYU.

I think my squad is awful this year. Nevertheless, I offered Beth the change to get one back, and even gave her the opportunity to name the terms. She passed the ball back to me. And so …

Hello, Joaquin. (From washingtonpost.com)

Hello, Joaquin. (From washingtonpost.com)

In honor of Hurricane Joaquin, which may have its effect on tonight’s contest in College Park, I suggest that the loser must send a photo of one’s self holding some sort of umbrella or wearing rain gear as well as the colors of the vanquished squad. For posting on the winner’s blog, of course. Just another friendly wager, you see.

Deal, Beth?

What is your alma mater, and what have you put up as a show of loyalty? What’s the best thing you’ve ever come away with after a friendly wager? What have you lost in a friendly wager?

28 thoughts on “A friendly bloggers’ wager on the gridiron

  1. It would be silly for me to weigh in but a faithful Ohio fan would have gone with the Mud Hens but would have stayed neutral on this one. Go Bucks and yes, we won!! I had a self with Sky, Micah and I in our OSU gear yesterday. Indiana had us scared at times, Mark. πŸ™‚


  2. So, another one bites the dust, huh bro Mark? I can’t believe it’s already that season again, even though my grandson is sidelined with some broken wing issues right now. He didn’t get it at practice though. Tripped on something at a friend’s house, broke his arm and his jaw. First is in a cast, other is wired shut. He’s on the bench, hopefully safe from anyone slamming into him during a game. Yep, he’s definitely related to me. Should I wish you luck, or give advice on umbrellas?


    • No amount of luck would have helped my Sad Sack Terps, sis Angie. Hey, your grand’s accident is awful. His explanation sounds … like a cover-up. My suspicious nature comes out. Is he the type to skateboard or do something aeriel and risky?

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      • Poor bro Mark. I’m afraid Beth has you this time.
        I keep wondering if Noah has MS, because he isn’t reckless. He keeps falling, and having the same stupid things I have, but the docs have tested him for a lot of things. I don’t trust the local medical establishment though. It took 50 years to dx me, so it might take that long to find what is wrong with him. 4 breaks in that arm, 3 in the other one, broken both legs twice, and was backed over by his grandpa at age 4, resulting in severe concussion, broken ribs, crushed pelvis, collapsed lungs. I’m not sure why they are letting him play football, but it’s something he wants to do and they hate to hold him back.


  3. This friendly rivalry has me grinning from ear to ear. Upstairs, we are knee-deep in the college contests and popping over to watch the Royals/Twins at commercial breaks.
    My teams: KSU Wildcats and KC Royals. I’m a half-hearted Pats fan – just a girl looking for somebody to love.
    Good luck to both of you!!


    • Oh, this one did not go my way, Michelle. My squad is plenty bad in football this season. Hey, I saw how your KState threw a last-second interception and gave up the game-turning field goal. I thought of you and your gang, immediately. Awwwww dagnabbit! Good season for your Royals and my Mets, though we got no-hit by Scherzer last night. Oy. Losing streak going into the postseason. But we’re going into the postseason! Maybe OUR teams can meet in the World Series. Now that would be friendly bloggers wager-worthy!


  4. Whew!You’re a brave soul given your team’s record Mark. I wish you the best of luck – of course Beth’s a lot cuter than you are – Ha!- so I think I’ll root for her. πŸ˜€ That picture of Maryland’s home turf is incredible. The last time there were that many people in one place in Canada was when the Pope visited (he typically draws close to a million.) I feel comfortable saying that no sports event in the history of Canada has ever had a crowd that big.

    Fun post – I look forward to the outcome.

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    • I think a hockey game in the Rogers Center is needed, Paul, Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens. Last year our AHL Syracuse Crunch played a came against the Utica Comets in the Carrier Dome, and more than 30,000 showed up. They do the portable rinks for the outdoor games now, too. You need a huge crowd! Perhaps the Blue Jays will fill up that former SkyDome in the playoffs. Finally, my friend, I don’t blame you for going with Beth in this one, for all reasons. πŸ™‚

      Reminder, folks, Paul’s Sunday Cuppa will be right here tomorrow morning, and maybe he’s foreshadowed writing about the Pope’s visit to North America? Ha!

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  5. I’m afraid the smart money’s on Beth, Mark … you’re likely to be left standing out in the rain, since Harbaugh has done a quicker turnaround than anyone expected. As you might have guessed, I don’t have any maize and blue items in the house. Go Terps! And, of course, Go Bucks!

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    • Yes, the Buckeyes face upstart Indiana today, I see, Jim. I think it’s time to shake off the National Champion lag that’s been holding your squad down a tad so far this season. Too many available QBs spoil the broth? I wish I had that problem with my Terps. Our starter has thrown the most interceptions in FBS, and Caleb Rowe didn’t even play the first game against Richmond. I’ll be searching for my unbrella and hooded jacket for that photo, I fear, because Michigan has responded to its favorite son very well since the opener, I agree.

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