Syracuse’s best will be honored on March 5, 6

The Syracuse Area Music Awards will present its Hall of Fame inductions on March 5 at Upstairs at the Dinosaur and annual awards ceremony March 6 at the Palace Theatre on James Street.

Performers for the ceremony will include Joanne Shenandoah, who’s a member of the Sammys Hall of Fame and a Grammy Award winner; Scars ‘N Stripes; the Ruddy Well Band; Grupo Pagan; and a reunion of popular 1980s rock band The Works.

Guest star Tomcat Kenny sings with Hall of Fame inductee The Flashcubes at the 2014 Sammys ceremony.

Guest star Tomcat Kenny sings with Hall of Fame inductee The Flashcubes at the 2014 Sammys ceremony.

The Sammys will be sponsored this year by World of Beer, the restaurant in mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA that presents local musicians three nights a week.

Central New York musicians, bands and producers who think they’ve done work worth noting once again will have the chance to check it out against their peers. The SAMMYS board will begin accepting music on Dec. 1. A panel of judges will review all music submitted for the best-of categories by the deadline of Jan. 5. Entries can be made by finding applications at the Sammys site. Music released in the 2014 calendar year will be eligible.

There also will be voting again online for People’s Choice Awards for favorite local artists, venues and festivals. Nominations run from Jan. 1 to 13 at this site, and finalists’ voting begins Jan. 14.

Tickets to the events at Upstairs at the Dinosaur and the Palace Theatre will go on sale in February.

Here’s the line to my story about the 2014 Sammys at the Palace Theatre.

Have you been able to attend a music awards show, and if so, where and when? What have been your favorite albums so far this year, and why? What’s your favorite album of all time, and why?

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16 thoughts on “Syracuse’s best will be honored on March 5, 6

  1. you are lucky to have such a great music scene in syracuse. i’ve never been to a music awards show, though i think it would be a blast. my fav all time album is sgt. pepper. while i love all kinds of music and many, many musicians and bands, for some reason that album is sentimental and meaningful to me to this day.


  2. So the question on The Works reunion–keyboards: Andy Rudy, George Rossi or both? I vote both! Man, they were the band of my early college days–My summer schedule: bs job, pick up basketball, see the works at a bar. Rinse, repeat. Springsteen-esque intensity, a striking desire to transcend the local, rust belt city ties-that-bind. I cannot wait. They are the day at the Palace?


  3. Back to Dino you go! How hip you are Mark, what with all the music shows, movies, royal weddings, Egyptian travels, etc. Very cool. Enjoy the ceremony 😀

    Is it gosh awful to say that my playlist today pretty much matches exactly my playlist from five years ago? I tend not to evolve musically. Lots of me is still stuck in the ’80s. As for more recent tunes: Galvanzie (Chemical Brothers), 5-Years-Time (Noah and the Whale), Wait So Long (TBTurtles), Mustache Man (Cake). Also, do you know Davina and the Vagabonds? They’re local–you would enjoy. Looking back aways: Beatles (duh), Dusty Springfield (Son of A Preacher Man!!!!!), Harry Nilsson. Though I do like some of the tunes my 12-year-old listens to. Not all, but some have a good amount of energy,


    • AND you’ve presented at an Award’s Show AND you’ve been awarded at an Award’s Show. That cool factor just keeps going up! Congrats on your honors, Mark.


    • That’s a great playlist, Liz. My favorite songs are still from my wayback machine, too. My high school/college/young 20s. Springsteen is my No. 1 fave. I dig Steely Dan. Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Simon and Garfunkel, Beatles, Warren Zevon, David Bowie, Carole King, Sly and the Family Stone, Santana, Marshall Tucker Band, the Outlaws … wide range. Nowadays I love to sing and dance along to Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and a lot of country. And much, much Syracuse music. Los Blancos. Joe Driscoll. Flashcubes. Martin Sexton. The Kennedys. Google these folks and give a listen. I think you’ll like ’em. OK. Your list. “Son of a Preacher” is one of the best songs ever to sing along with loud. And Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talkin’ ” from “Midnight Cowboy” is perhaps the saddest movie soundtrack song but somehow still makes me happy every time I hear it. Thank you for playing along and naming your faves, my friend.


      • Recognizing a lot of what you like–Santana!!!!! Makes sense that you enjoy a wide range of styles. Flashcubes is a great name. Will enjoy going through your list. Thanks 🙂

        Watched a Nilsson documentary once and what a sad sad life. Funny (and not haha) how great talent sometimes goes hand in hand with tortured souls. 😦 RIP.


  4. Wow, Syracuse is a hopping town for music Mark. That’s awesome. I’ve never been to an awards show before, not sure I’ve even heard one advertized. It’s pretty amazing that World of Beer sponsors the weekly shows and the awards. I followed the link to your report on last year’s showm- you are a modest man sir, receiving your own award and helping to present. Nicely done.


    • Syracuse has a long history of great music, certainly, Paul. This awards show started 20 years ago, and there is no shortage of bands to bring back for reunions and such, as well as new bands for the present awards. When I worked for the big daily, I annually presented the award for best new artist. It was called the Brian Bourke Award, named after a newspaper colleague of mine, a nice man who worked the music beat for the afternoon paper, who was killed at the age of 31 when a bicycle he was riding was struck by a vehicle. That was very special to me, indeed.


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