Renegade bulbs shoot us some green

Breathe deep, persistent tulip.

Breathe deep, persistent tulip.

My dear wife Karen remembers digging up the tulip bulbs at this particular corner of a front garden last fall.

They didn’t get along well with the juniper-come-lately as it grew. And they’d been there coming up on 10 years. Karen says they’ve been looking more and more scraggly each year.

A couple little buggers escaped her trowel.

We noticed them as I welcomed Karen home from work last night.

The tulips look even stronger this morning, this first green shoot in our Syracuse city home’s various gardens.

Welcome, spring, to our neighborhood of Eastwood. It is now official in our yard.

Here they are close-up. Who cares that it’s 33 now, with a high of 41 today, and a wintry mix forecast for tonight. Let’s dance!

Have a good spring, little ladies.

Have a good spring, little ladies.

30 thoughts on “Renegade bulbs shoot us some green

  1. Yes spring is coming but the chill is still in the air. We’re suppose to peak at 64 degrees during this coming week. We’ll see. I guess if those buds have been growing there for ten years they may be hard to get rid of. They are a pretty shade of green.


  2. I don’t know what those bulbs are made of but I’m willing to guess it’s supernatural! How did they survive that brutal cold? Amazing, the will to live!


  3. Love seeing those tulips Mark. Can’t wait to see the blooms. They are always such a welcome sight in the spring. We usually get crocus first, but so far I haven’t seen anything resembling a flower yet. Still hoping.


  4. Spring has arrived in Syracuse! I’m excited and I live thousands of miles away. I’m really looking forward to seeing your garden in spring and then summer.


  5. I always feel that the green popping out, is the image of Hope everlasting! So great to be in the shadows of the evergreen bushes, too! I love the crocuses and daffodils that are in my girlfriend and her husband’s gardens! Purple and yellow blooms were trying valiantly to find the sun yesterday! Smiles, Robin


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