If you get scared flying, you may want to skip ‘Non-Stop’

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

(From syracusenewtimes.com)

First-weekend movie-goers have three interesting opening choices.

Planes in peril, in “Non-Stop.”

Prophet in doubt, in “Son of God.”

World War in balance, in “Stalingrad: The IMAX 3D Experience.”

The trailers make them all look epic in their own right, the battle in the jet, the pain and passion in Nazareth, the heat of the Russian defense.

If you’d like to read my whole opening-this-weekend preview on the Syracuse New Times site, click the link below.


Are any of these movies on your to-see list?

14 thoughts on “If you get scared flying, you may want to skip ‘Non-Stop’

  1. It is always good to hear about movies and see the trailers. I am not sure if these are ‘up my alley’ or not? Let me know how they go, more details and then, some movie money may help! LOL!


    • I saw “Non-Stop” already this afternoon, Robin. Review to come Monday. I cannot help with movie money, as I am quite relieved that the price of my ticket is reimbursed by the Syracuse New Times or I might not able to go … Have a good weekend.


  2. Planes in Peril should have an okay ending, since my mom won’t be aboard. She has never been on a plane that didn’t get re-routed from the local airport to places like Santa Fe, Minneapolis, Jacksonville, Chicago. Or the ones that were grounded for hours for engine repair. And I don’t go to movies because for some reason they think everyone in the theater is deaf already and the volume is so loud my hearing shuts down in self defense, but when it comes out on DVD I’ll probably rent that one.


      • Also some of the ads on TV. There’s one that’s extremely irritating at the moment, for a hotel chain. I jump out of my skin every time it starts, and am thinking about emailing that hotel to let them know my family will boycott them forever if they don’t take that irritating woman off the tube. I hate the selfie commercials.


    • I have yet to go see a 3D movie, Beth. I am afraid that the glasses won’t work for me because I have a “bad eye” sight-wise. And that would leave me not enjoying some out of synch screen. Anyway, yes, the WWII movie would be awesome in IMAX, I think. And I have chosen ‘Non-Stop,’ already, for my review.


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