Let the tree debate continue

The last time I put the near-buds up here, people told us we did not have a lilac. We had a magnolia. This came after a couple years of my dear wife Karen and I calling our front yard spring-flowering tree our lilac. All because that’s what folks on social media told us it was.…

Thank you lovely white lilac

Before the big rain and wind visited our neighborhood Sunday in a big way, I took a moment to savor our beautiful white flowering tree in the center of our front lawn. It’s held on to its pretty blooms for two weeks this year. And, yes, most of them withstood that wicked wind and rain.

Bring out a serene scene

I took a deep breath and said ahhhhh when I passed this corner on a work break walk from my job at the library. The Village of Liverpool can be quite lovely in May, for sure.