Bright color out back

When the backyard yellow bunch next to the deck decided it was time, they did it en masse.

Let the tree debate continue

The last time I put the near-buds up here, people told us we did not have a lilac. We had a magnolia. This came after a couple years of my dear wife Karen and I calling our front yard spring-flowering tree our lilac. All because that’s what folks on social media told us it was.…

More cheer from our yellow flowers

We were able to appreciate a warm late-April-like day Saturday, with our Central New York temperatures at last reaching into the 60s. It surely has been an up-and-down spring, with several runs of snow, including just this mid-week. A check around our yard yields yellow as the primary color. The front is vibrant with it.…

The winners up front are yellow, too

My dear wife Karen requested a good look from me before we departed on our 4 p.m. walk with our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. She pointed out the first flower power of the spring up front. Yes, yellow sprouts again. Just like out back.

Thanks for the color, May

On this last day of May, I once again salute the colors springing forth out of our little piece of earth in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. The backyard daisies look quite happy in this season’s spot. Great planning from my dear wife Karen, indeed.

Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy some tulips

For all the mothers of the world, today I present the pretty tulips I recently discovered popping up at my workplace. The grounds at the Liverpool Public Library always look lovely. The gardens are well-tended daily by our smart and diligent custodial staff, planted on special occasions by Tim Ballantyne and his workers from Ballantyne…