Food trucks feed us very well

Here we come.

As usual, terrific daughter Elisabeth texted with a great plan for my dear wife Karen, George Three and herself.

So many trucks!

How about a Saturday at the state fairgrounds for the Food Truck Battle?

We’re in.

I know that pizza.

We met in the parking lot precisely at 11 a.m. as planned, walked over the bridge to the main gate, and entered with the presale tickets Elisabeth had purchased online.

The premise was food trucks from Syracuse vs. food trucks from Rochester.

We indeed spied trucks from which we’ve eaten in our combined family day past.

And others that were brand new to our list.

Quite a lineup.

We all had an idea of what we wanted to sample.

One disappointment: The truck that had advertised crab rangoon nachos, which made Karen’s list, did not show up.

Caught my eye.


We munched our way around the fairgrounds loop.

Karen and I began our Parade O Food at Petit Nosh, where she adored her Lemon and Blueberry French Toast and I savored my Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich. Elisabeth and George both started with a Supreme Pizza Sausage on a roll from Liehs and Steigerwald. Not so much for them, and Elisabeth handed over the second half of hers to George.

The truck that socially distanced way back.

Onward we ate, and I was thankful we were walking as well.

Karen and I both tried the Empanada from Mamacitas. Yum. Crisp crust, tangy beef-and-cheese filling, and I now and a fan of their Puerto Rican cuisine.

I took the Tomato Pie slice topping from Karen’s Utica Greens from It’s a Utica Thing. If you’ve never heard, it’s a cold version of pizza, cheese looser and sauce at the ready on the rectangular slice.

Elisabeth and George tried a mac and cheese as I began to loose track of trucks.

George and I had Connecticut style Lobster Rolls from Bold Coast Lobster, the succulent lobster chunks topped with melted butter. Yes, that good.

All but me sampled various desserts, Karen and Elisabeth taking on the Apple Cider Donut Sundae from Glazed and Confused, George dipping into a Cantaloupe Italian Ice from Mizzi’s Italian Ice. Elisabeth had her heart set on the Apple Pie Baklava from Byblos but was disappointed (and full) enough to close the container lid after one bite convinced her it was more turnover and less baklava.

I’m sure I may have missed a munch or two.

My favorite: Bold Coast Lobster. No surprise there!

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