Lots of space for our tailgate

Our stuff, our space.

The Syracuse University college football season ticket experience took 2020 off for my dear wife Karen and I, frankly one of the lesser concerns in that first year of the world vs. COVID-19.

The bounce back earlier in 2021 was enough to convince those that decide such things that people could again return to live sporting events. Our Syracuse football tickets are safely ensconced on my phone, seven home games this season.

Of course, with the emergence of a new strain, the large shadow of the virus remains. Syracuse University’s COVID protocols call for mask-wearing for all on campus, regardless of vaccination status. Show proof of vaccination or a negative test to be allowed into the game. Wear a mask inside.

Yes, we will.

Yet we wondered how all that would go down in this part of our real life.

Our paid-for-parking lot, downhill from the campus proper but with a campus sign on it, was only partially filled when I pulled in at 11 a.m. to unwind before the 2 p.m. game start. We unloaded our chairs, cooler, beverages and muffins. We sat, enjoyed, watched those around us do their thing.

Laid back they were.

Adults and children mixed it up. Food and drink were constant, so I was not surprised that masks were few. Ours were ready in our pockets as we ate and drank.

We stayed six feet away from everybody and were glad to be back, so far, so good.

6 thoughts on “Lots of space for our tailgate

  1. it’s such a delicate balance, as we tiptoe back into the world and the activities we love. I know how much this means to both of you and happy you could partake


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