Perfect place for soothing chimes

Alcove chime

Keep it to ourselves. We hope.

My former boss at the library used to give us really great Christmas gifts.

My dear wife Karen has been searching for the perfect spot for the wind chime crafted lovingly and creatively by a local artists.

We had it in locations too far for us to enjoy it’s lovely ringing or too close to the neighbor’s house.

Side alcove chime

Let freedom ring.

This season we have settled on a spot on the side alcove, close to our kitchen window.

We will enjoy it when we sit outside after work days and inside when the window is open.

So lovely it is.

Thank you again, Diane.

13 thoughts on “Perfect place for soothing chimes

  1. A wonderful thing about home ownership is constantly making improvements and tweaks, little by little. Then you always have something to look forward to.


  2. There are wind chimes and then there are WIND CHIMES that sound more like the clanging of pan lids with a metal spoon. I’m glad yours are good and enjoyable. One of these days, if I can find a new apartment with a patio I might give wind chimes a try again. If I can find some that are not clang chimes. And if the weather cooperates by giving us a nice day. A lot of other “if’s” here but I won’t mention them. My best to Karen, brother Mark.


  3. We received a gift of a wind chime when we build a new home …. over 25 years ago. At first it drove us a bit crazy. Then one day it came down and we never replaced it. One of those things you think you will never miss …. until you do.


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