The arch reaches into this odd 2020

The continued progress with the installation of Lights on the Lake as I walk the several blocks from my job at the library prove to me that yes, life does go on during this so-difficult 2020. Onondaga Lake will be home to the Christmas Lights pretty soon.

It takes a Village

Yes, I’d hang a banner and welcome people to this fall scene, too. As long as they came with the proper amounts of caution, of course, as this corner is just a few strides from my library workplace.

Autumn moon in the morning

I was glad this October morning when a library work task took me from my upstairs desk outside. A look up at the corner in the Village of Liverpool allowed me a terrific glimpse of a morning moon. I was tremendously glad that this happened to be my week to work at the library and…

It is fall we’re in, right?

Sometimes it’s so pretty at Onondaga Lake Park that it’s hard to remember if the leaves are coming or going. I’m happy enough to remember which direction I need to take to get to my destination.

Life in Roma intrigues all around

Its  images roll by in black and white. If the Spanish language isn’t your thing, you’ll have to follow along via the English subtitles. The story takes place in Mexico City, during the early 1970s. Roma was foreign to my usual viewing habits in so many ways. And, oh, how this Netflix production directed and…