My first impression about The Wrong Missy holds mostly true


Watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? this season with my dear wife Karen, we noticed how well celebrity contestant Lauren Laplus projected from the hot seat across from Jimmy Kimmel.

Smart. Cool. Engaged. Successful. So different than the characters we usually spot her playing on our widescreen, including that prison guard in one of our favorite Netflix binges, Orange Is the New Black.

So while hunting for a Netflix movie to satisfy this stay-at-home Monday review, I spotted The Wrong Missy, a comedy pairing Lapkus with David Spade.

While I’m not much of a fan of Spade’s schtick, I gave it a click.

Hopeful I was.

This weird. (From


The premise for these 90 minutes directed by Tyler Spindel from a screenplay by Chris Pappas and Kevin Barnett: Spade endures a horrific blind date with a careening personality displayed by a woman by the name of Missy.

He shudders and goes back to his job.

In a business trip airport mishap, he brushes into a beauty queen of a woman by the name of … Missy.

At home, he decides on a whim to text-invite her to a work-resort weekend.

You got it.

The Wrong Missy plops down in the seat next to him on the plane.

She is horrid. Then she …

Well, if you can get past the very salty situations and extremely weird behavior to make it to the sensitive scenes, you’ll have to test your sense of belief about how much people can be themselves or not.

5 thoughts on “My first impression about The Wrong Missy holds mostly true

  1. I liked her in Between 2 Ferns. That was a very goofy movie. I haven’t heard of this one. We DID watch Hamilton while Oliva was zooming with her cousins. It was amazing! Loved everything about it. Thank you for the recommendation Mark!


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