Big hopes for The Lovebirds remain unfulfilled


The last time Kumail Nanjiani took the lead with Michael Showalter directing, the world was warmed by the surprise 2017 hit The Big Sick.

So this Netflix comedy pairing the standup star next to Issa Rae with Showalter at the helm comes with high hopes.

Oh, how I kept waiting for that spark.

We meet Jibran and Leilani after their first successful connection, and, oh, how they can be witty with each other.

Fast forward four years, and, oh, how that wit has turned sour. Bitter. A tad ugly, even.

Why, one would wonder, are they even still together?

And then comes the incident that turns this screenplay by Aaron Abrams and Brendan Gall into a caper.

While bickering in the car, they terribly encounter a bike messenger, a sudden driver who claims he’s a police officer and a second fatal collision.

The rest of the way is filled with questionable decisions, more-than-wacky characters and unbelievable threads of behavior.

No chemistry. Too bad.

Nanjiani already scored an entertaining comedy/crime combo that was fairly entertaining with Stuber. He’s lowered his batting average. Onto another genre, please and thank you?

4 thoughts on “Big hopes for The Lovebirds remain unfulfilled

  1. Oh that’s too bad. I loved the Big Sick. I trust your reviews though, Mark, and my list is too long to take a gamble. I hope you all are doing well!


  2. that’s a shame, i really enjoy his acting and had great hopes for this one. my daughter gave me a very similar review, so between the two of you, i probably won’t take the time to watch this. )


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