Falling Inn Love shows off the charms of New Zealand

(From IMDb.com)

Picture if you will a hard-working woman totally unsatisfied with her job. Her boyfriend. Her life, really.

Online she stumbles upon a contest where the top prize is an inn tucked into the hills of New Zealand.

(I’d think it was some sort of a scam, but, you know, the movies …)

Anyway, she wins, grabs a plane from the U.S. to that other country down under, and the rest, as they say, is …

A Netflix-made film that so much looks like it could have been on Hallmark or Lifetime with a little less dollars behind it, somewhat less beautiful settings, and dimmer star power.

Directed by Roger Kumble from a screenplay by Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy, this is a romance neatly placed into a comedy with a little drama thrown in for good measure.

Stumbled upon amid other stay-at-home binge watching, my dear wife Karen and I said what the heck, give ‘er a chance.

And whaddaya know.

Christina Milian grows on you as the determined by ill-suited new inn owner who finds her new place looking much less spiffy than that internet photo. Adam Demos charms as the local contractor who knows how to bring the estate back to glory but maybe not so much how to warm up her American manners. The townsfolk rally. The grounds come with a goat.

Now it’s Perfect. (From IMDb.com)

You know how movies like this will end, and so it goes.

But the trip there ends up entertaining and, yes, sweet.

Hooray for Netflix while we’re all at home.

11 thoughts on “Falling Inn Love shows off the charms of New Zealand

  1. Netflix is the unsung hero in all of this, definitely! Adding this to my list. Thank you kindly dear friend! Always appreciate the reliable recommendations.


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