This is what cold looks like

It gets colder, sure, but the way my car, house and yard looked at about 15 degrees F one recent morning as I went out to leave for work struck me as kind of magnificent.

When life gives you kielbasa

My terrific daughter Elisabeth included one huge ring of kielbasa in my pile of Christmas gifts. She took a trip to the Polish place in Utica to secure it. It sure made for a superb centerpiece of my Polish dinner, accompanied by pierogi, sauerkraut and beans. I had plenty left over to bring to work…

I can always support my team

My dear wife Karen spotted me admiring my New York Mets in the batters box, on the base paths, in the field, toward their spikes. Some of them were wearing cool socks. Now I have a pair. Let’s Go Mets indeed, even in January. Even after this week’s managerial change as part of the sign-stealing…

Now we see it

We’re back to the snow-looks-pretty in the backyard here our Galeville neighborhood in Liverpool. This sure has been a see-sawing winter, weather-wise.

Is it or isn’t it?

So I’m taking a quick walk to grab a cup at Dunkin’ and see half and half in the Village of Liverpool. Some snow, still. Some holiday decorations, still. January sure is an interesting month.

Go ahead and play, Ellie B

Sure, gift-giving always includes our cherished rescue mutt, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. She doesn’t want any help getting to the prize, usually. And she sure is appreciative.

Tarantino’s vision of 1969 Hollywood grips us in our time, too

Violence. Profanity. Glorious cinematography. Wicked storytelling. You betcha, Quentin Tarintino checked all his usual boxes with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. And that means the director and writer has delivered to our times a winding tale bursting with his unusual view of his art and our world in general. In this 2-hour, 29-minute epic,…