I can see for miles and miles

The Port Isabel lighthouse is a pretty thing.

Texas style.

I looked up and imagined it welcoming old ships to new things.

Feeling rung out.

I looked up again and readied myself for a climb.

Hello down there.

First exit was an open-air landing some dozen feet from the very top. I tried to find the handful of our crew who stayed below at a picnic table, including my dear wife Karen. Their spot, smartly, was covered by a big shade tree.

To South Padre Island.

I circled to soak it all in. The bridge over Laguna Madre stood out.

Industrial, too.

This was an interesting observational point.

Upward, ho.

I still had some climbing to reach the top. This was done on a straight-up ladder inside the lighthouse.

No air up there.

At this exit, I was surrounded by plexiglass.

I wonder why officials put this here but not just a dozen feet below.

Downward spiral.

The downward trip also had to be navigated carefully because of, well, momentum and other visitors coming up. Passing on the narrow steps was indeed precarious.

Palms and resort stuff.

So near the water, we spotted palms and the usual resort places.

I wave to you, too.

On my own while others got ice cream, I found a good version of what I’d nicknamed for this trip the elusive Salutin’ Sheriff cactus.

Happy now.

That made my terrific daughter Elisabeth smile.

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