No inside shots of Shoppingtown will appear in this post

The guy wearing the orange vest saw me snapping a photo with my iPhone 8 and tapped me on the shoulder.

It was against the law to take photos inside Shoppingtown, he told me, calmly. It’s posted on all those white signs in the halls. If somebody from management sees a photo on my social media, they’ll send a cop over to my house to arrest me.

Why just the other day he told this to a teenager who resisted, and a policeman walked over to intervene.

I don’t want to get arrested, I said with a smile, putting my phone in my pocket.

I walked over and read one of those signs. Indeed, one of the 15 or so rules, down near the bottom, it says that you need to get permission first to take photographs in Shoppingtown.

I was taking pictures on a whim.

Having the day off from my library job, I had scooted over to Shoppingtown to buy tickets for the early evening Friday showing of Mary Poppins Returns for my dear wife Karen and I.

She thought the pre-Christmas crowd at Destiny USA on our side of the city would be too much, so suggested we head over to the east. I thought maybe there’d be a line on the opening weekend for this long-awaited sequel. I had a lovely chat with the agent, bought my two tickets, and took a little around the mall.

Regal Cinemas is holding on. There are not a lot other stores in Shoppingtown anymore.

But I am an optimistic guy on this blog. I found some cool photographs.

There were a bunch of guys sitting at a table in food court. Even though there are no longer any restaurants there, they choose to hang out in Shoppingtown!

Shoppingtown from afar. (Photo from Getty Images)

Instead look at the above photo of Shoppingtown from space.

Three retail places on one side have refused to give in. Besides Regal, Rite Aid and a Nail salon are doing business. I was able to get all three in one photograph with creative positioning.

Pin it. (From MapQuest)

Instead look at this map I found through Google. Note that in 2018, it still lists Archbold Stadium. Maybe Shoppingtown can bounce back like this year’s Syracuse University football team!

One storefront was full of art, and even though a proprietor was not there, they listed a phone number to call if you wanted to buy something. I thought made a worthy statement compared to those pulling out altogether.

Over there. (Googled from

Instead appreciate this old aerial view.

I encountered several groups using Shoppingtown to get their walking exercise. They are not giving up these hall!

Googled from the mall’s site.

Instead, see the route’s they can walk from the center’s site. (Sears has closed, though.)

I have been a patron of Shoppingtown since I moved to Syracuse in the early 1980s. Done right, it balances the mega complex Destiny USA. I root for a comeback of some sort. Call me a cock-eyed optimist.

19 thoughts on “No inside shots of Shoppingtown will appear in this post

  1. I enjoyed my chuckle of your make-do pictures of the complex. Way to comply AND get a little creative. 😉 It’s sad to see the smaller places crumble when the bigger places get built. I am not a fan of the super huge complexes….it’s “too much” at times.


  2. they are clearly very sensitive about the current state of the mall, so much so that they have banned photos. hopefully it will begin to fill sooner rather than later. i love the creative and out of the box approach you took to get around the challenges to show us the mall ))


  3. Interesting. I’ve never heard of a mall not allowing people to take pictures inside. In fact, I was thinking of going to our local mall, The Galleria, to do just that – until the other night when the cops had to break up a number of teenage fights. I think I’ll wait a month or so ’til things calm down.

    PS – You certainly could have published a photo from outside, like maybe from inside your car, right? Or do they monitor that, too?


  4. Heh. Anchored by Sears. Say bye-bye. The current trend of the failed retail centers is re-purposing them as forward warehouse/distribution points for online retailers focusing on a means to get products that are hard to buy online (things that require sizes, trying-on, subtle color decisions, etc) closer to the consumer. So maybe you’ll have Amazon position an outlet there. Meanwhile, great photos, I felt that I was right there in Shoppingtown with all the colors, sounds and excitement of the season. 🙂


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