Fresh fruit always hits the spot

When we visit the Regional Market, you can be sure that my dear wife Karen and I return with fresh fruit from our Central New York farmers.

That’s too much!

A bucket of blueberries, though, would stretch our too tummies past our limits.

So many peaches.

I had already declared my intention to bring home a small handful of peaches. We went for white peaches, which are always very juicy. Our great neighbors Tim and Lorraine back at The Little Bitty in the Syracuse neighborhood of Eastwood turned us on to that variety years ago, thank you.

Many varieties.

As impressed as I was by the table of apples, I did not go for any. Our fridge still holds a handful of the Honeycrisp we crave.

11 thoughts on “Fresh fruit always hits the spot

  1. One thing I always love about summer is the fruit. In the dead of winter, I am happier, but man, I miss the fresh, juicy, stone fruits. I’ve been on cherries, peaches, nectarines, and plums for about a month now. I love the white flesh peaches and nectarines.
    Stone fruits are where it’s at! Your farmer’s market looks wonderful!


  2. i guess the blueberries would be great if you were doing a mass baking or freezing project, and here’s to the peaches, you can’t go wrong with peaches, i always say )


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