My Mets and the Yankees put on a great show

Mets vs. Yankees, baby.

There’s something about seeing the Mets and the Yankees get together.

Even when the Mets are struggling badly, losers of eight straight, and the Yankees could be the best team in baseball.

On Sunday night in the Mets’ house, there were still more Mets fans in the joint than Yankees fans.

More Mets blue than Yankees blue.

I’d call the Citi Field split about 70-30 in favor of the Mets. When they get together for another three games at Yankee Stadium July 20-22, it’s likely to be 70-30 in favor of the Yankees. That’s how these series roll.

They call them the Subway Series. They happen every regular season, six games between the two. The big clash took place once in the World Series (so far), in 2000. The Yankees won that true Subway Series, in five games.

Anyway, New Yorkers can truly take a train between the two stadiums.

My dear wife Karen and I took a tour bus from Syracuse.

Happy Mets fans.

We were ready to root.

Our wardrobe had been augmented at the Mets store. Karen needed a sparkly hat, and the cool Mets shoes caught her eye. Since she bought the tickets for the bus trip, I was more than happy to splurge. I swear, I did not leave my jacket at home just so I could come back with a cool new Mets long-sleeve.

All of the folks from the bus sat together in Section 501, the furthest away from home out in right field.


That gave us a great view of the huge scoreboards. And the planes landing at LaGuardia Airport just out there past them.

Mets in action.

I could read the action on the field pretty well.

In the first inning, I knew something was up when Mets second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera ran to first base funny after hitting a comebacker to Yankees pitcher Luis Severino. Indeed, a couple innings later, Cabrera was replaced at second by Jose Reyes.

The view was fantastic when Mets third baseman Todd Frazier cranked a two-run homer to left field off of Severino in the fifth inning.

And when Mets starter Seth Lugo and relievers Robert Gsellman and Anthony Swarzak made that stand up. It was the first time the Yankees had been shut out all season.

Big win for my squad.

One more tidbit about that big scoreboard in center field …

In the eighth inning, I noticed a guy with a big camera wearing a staff photographer jacket walking up the stairs toward our section. At the end of the inning, the PA rang with Billy Joel’s classic Piano Man and shots of fans singing the lyrics began appearing on that big screen.

Yup. The camera guy aimed his lens at us. Karen and I were up there way larger than life singing along to my fellow Long Islander Billy Joel. Wish I had had the time to get that on my iPhone 8.

9 thoughts on “My Mets and the Yankees put on a great show

  1. Glad you enjoyed the trip, glad you got to see a win too! Love your Mr. Met cap. Just one little nitpick. The Yankees ARE NOT the best team in baseball! Go Sox!


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