We can’t skip the Pancake Man or the Kream ‘N’ Kone

Not that our Cape Cod vacation is all about food or anything, but …

I must tell you about continuing the traditions to The Pancake Man for breakfast.

And Kream ‘N’ Kone for lunch.

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My pancakes were as light and fluffy as I remembered. The eggs were not over easy, though. Not even medium. More hard. I wolfed them down regardless. The bacon and ham slice on my pork platter were divine. The andouille sausage and Canadian bacon didn’t do it for me. Live and learn.

My dear wife Karen adored her waffles, smothered with cream and fruit topping.

Still vintage.

Our fried shrimp platters and Kream ‘N’ Kone came, without special order, with both French fries and onion rings.

Filling and fulfilling.

When I asked the waitress for extra cocktail sauce because neither of us go for the tartar sauce, she came with additional cups with a smile.

Lunch heaven.

We did not visit these places on the same day. Just saying.

Tomorrow: For the birds

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