Ellie B enjoys the vacation life of Cape Cod

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle appreciates the Cape Cod lifestyle, too.

It’s not all lounging around.

We take her on a daily walk away from the Happy Cottage.

Pretty place, no boats.

One of our regular routes takes us through the village of Dennis Port.

The surrounding blocks this year pass an interesting construction project.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

My dear wife Karen noted how the project had just started our last weeklong stay, in 2015. We were surprised that they hadn’t completely finished it while we took a year of from this traditional trip in 2016 because I’d just started my job at the library.

Sniffing heaven.

Past the construction, we hit the pretty park.

Ellie B’s place.

We loop the perimeter here, allowing our cherished rescue mutt to sniff it up.

I enjoy the old world style of the layout, with a pavilion in the middle.

Depending upon the perspective, the pavilion takes on an woodsy feel or plays a part in a village landscape.

It’s so close to the single block of shops.

Ellie B tolerates a tad of window shopping.

As long as we take her into Hot Diggity Dog Wash and Boutique on mid-block.

Ellie B loves checking out the treats.

Karen looked over the merch, deciding upon a new collar to replace our Dogamous Pyle’s lobster-adorned version purchased the last trip. The new whales look nice.

Looking out for food.

Afterward, Karen went into Bucky’s Biscotti to buy breakfast takeout while we stood guard.

Tomorrow: The land of Rhododendron

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