Ellie B and Bailey enjoy the Chiefs’ Bark in the Park

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle made a new friend at Bark in the Park this season.

Our cherished rescue mutt’s ears went back when her beloved George Three piled out of the car in the NBT Bank Stadium parking lot with my terrific daughter Elisabeth and … Bailey. Another dog!

Waiting for beloved George Three.

My dear wife Karen had come up with a good idea while we waited for our family’s arrival.

She asked George to come over by himself first and give Ellie B a few seconds of alone time.

It worked.

Happy Chiefs fans.

We took over an entire row out there in right field without incident, keeping an extra seat between us and the dogs.

Happy wife, happy dog.

After a couple of innings had gone by, the two dogs even had an uneventful sniffing session in the middle of us all. They shared water we’d brought for the occasion, and snacks handed out by rescue associations who’d set up information tables on the concourse. The Chiefs had earmarked the money received from the $5 doggie tickets to the humane societies. Good job. Ellie B was satisfied with the one last bite I handed over from my hot dog.

It rained, and we moved back under an overhang.

Hat’s off to the Chiefs.

Still, I didn’t want Ellie B to get wet, so I offered my hat up. She was a good sport about it.

I was tired, so we left in the sixth inning with no score down on the field. A great time was had by all.

Does your pet have animal friends?

2 thoughts on “Ellie B and Bailey enjoy the Chiefs’ Bark in the Park

  1. so cute and i love the way you let them ease into their playdate. i wish that glen had animal friends but he is still too shy. he loves to watch the squirrels, birds and fellow cats from inside the window, though )


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