From shaggy to well-cut in one swell push

I wondered how quickly the grass around A Bitty Better in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville would go wild in spring, this being our first season of revival here for my dear wife Karen and I.

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The answer: PDQ.

Out came the mower from the shed last Sunday, with a good week still left in April. I drained the oil, filled that back up, got gas in the red can from the Byrne Dairy down on the corner, put petro in that tank, and she started on the first pull.

The back cuts really quickly, what with the in-ground pool smack dab in the center of our spread. Also, with the fenced-in yard serving as the prime domain for Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, exercise and otherwise, I hold few expectations for, say, thick and plush as the major adjectives to describe this patch of lawn.

The front, on the other hand, has potential to something special. It’s already green. It’s thick. I took my time to get the lines straight.

My dear wife and I will put in a garden, I think, and make this our lovely spot. Just like the front of A Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood became for the previous dozen years, growing season by growing season by growing season.

How is your yard doing this spring? Do you have any special plans this year? What would you do at A Bitty Better?

12 thoughts on “From shaggy to well-cut in one swell push

  1. We have an itty bitty front lawn at our house, and the existing sprinkler system is kaput. My husband has put down bark dust in the entire front yard, and I’ve bought some drought-resistant yucca plants to put in the ground if it ever stops freezing overnight around here! At some point I’d like to switch the bark dust to pebbles and add some kind of cactus for a true xeriscape look.


  2. Mark, I love your writing, but have no idea how to “hover over” a picture on my iPhone. How is this done?

    Mark R Sukoenig, OD



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