A show of power by the Syracuse Chiefs on Star Wars Night

Here’s one more reason to be all-in on Star Wars even though I’m a late-joiner.

The Syracuse Chiefs know how to throw a night to celebrate the funk, fun and finery of the (inter)stellar movie franchise.

The Saturday night at NBT Bank Stadium my dear wife Karen, who wonderful daughter Elisabeth and tremendous significant George Three spent with a crowd of 6,917 was Oscar worthy. Oscar Madison, of course.

The gang's all here,

The gang’s all here,

The Chiefs front office, led by erstwhile hometown general manager Jason Smorol, gathered up the Star Wars gang and spread them throughout the stands and put them on the field for pregame ceremonies.

Is that you, Scooch?

Is that you, Scooch?

Popular mascot Scooch became one of the Darth Vaders for the evening.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

For this Saturday night against the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, the Chiefs put on Chewbacca uniforms. Thankfully for them on this warm night of Aug. 20, 2016, the designers left off Chewie’s hair.

On any regular game night, the Chiefs make sure there’s plenty of entertainment. Wait. There’s no such thing as a regular game night with this crew. Every time out, there’s something cooking at NBT Bank Stadium.

Kids and characters.

Kids and characters.

Saturday night games feature Little League squads introduced for all to cheer. The lucky young ones representing the North Brookfield Firemen got to meet the Star Wars characters on the field.

And then there was the game.

Baseball, please.

The teams traded home runs and timely plays until the home squad’s shortstop, Jason Martinson, hit a blast to right center in the bottom of the eighth to seal a 6-5 victory.

You delivered, Jason Martinson.

You delivered, Jason Martinson.

Then the sky lit up with fireworks.

Which is your favorite Star Wars character, and why? Which is your favorite photo, and why? Baseball or movies, and why?

5 thoughts on “A show of power by the Syracuse Chiefs on Star Wars Night

  1. this is the perfect combo, i think. my fav star wars character is chewbacca, i’ve always loved his looks as well as his way with words. love both baseball and movies )


  2. I like the last photo of the interview on the empty field with the Mascot standing waving to the crowds. Very cool night and photos Mark. I may have missed this but what is the connection between the Start Wars characters and the game that night?


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