It’s not Cape Cod, but it is Red Lobster

With the new job at the library starting in May, my dear wife Karen and I had to scrub the annual June week at the Happy Cottage in Cape Cod.

So last week’s dinner at Red Lobster, thanks to a Father’s Day gift card from my wonderful daughter Elisabeth and great significant George Three, had to do.

Shrimp and Salmon.

Shrimp and Salmon.

And it did.

Shrimp Seaside Trio for me, Salmon for Karen. Right there on Erie Boulevard East in DeWitt, just a few miles from the Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Would you be happiest with the friend shrimp, shrimp scampi, shrimp Alfredo linguine or salmon if you were doing the eating? Have you had to scrap a yearly getaway, and if so, where to and did you go back the next year? Beer or red wine with your seafood?

20 thoughts on “It’s not Cape Cod, but it is Red Lobster

  1. I think last time I went I had the seafood trio, too. Shrimp, lobster tail, and scallops. Really, I love their clam chowder, bout as good as it gets in the Midwest, and the stuffed mushrooms. After those two and the salad, I usually nibble a bit of each and then box up my meal and enjoy it another day 🙂
    Oh, and just water with lemon for me.


  2. Definitely salmon for me Mark. When I used to truck out of seafood plants they would permit us a case of whatever we wanted for personal use from the freezer. I used to get a case of cooked frozen shrimp, put it between the seats and eat shrimp going down the road. We would sometimes haul North Atlantic frozen shrimp from Newfoundland to Louisiana and then reload frozen Jumbo shrimp back from Louisiana to eastern Canada. (We also hauled potatoes like that too – different varieties in different directions – funny.)

    Anyway, shrimp were no longer special to me. I rarely eat them any more. Definitely salmon from the menu for me please. And a glass of Merlot would be wonderful with the meal – perhaps a beer while we are waiting ( I find it increases my appetite).

    I’ve never actually had a calm enough life that I had a “regular” trip. I used to travel daily with my job and then when my medical problems occurred,I did not have the resources to travel. Hopefully that will change.


  3. ooh, that is such a hard question – with the linguini or scampi i think ….. with beer or wine….yes, i adjust trips as needed to fit in with what is happening in life. worth it to have a job you now enjoy again )


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