Modern Malt shows some downtown chic

Out of the corner of my ear, I’d heard the buzz building about a new joint in the downtown Syracuse neighborhood of Armory Square.

A couple blocks down Clinton Street from the fountains of Clinton Square sits Modern Malt.

Armory Square new meets old.

Armory Square new meets old.

It’s part of the blocks resurgence, along with Funk ‘N Waffles Downtown. More young professionals are renting refurbished apartments in the area, and they need spots to eat, drink and hang.

A counter as well as tables.

A counter as well as tables.

This is one of the restaurant/bar hybrids that caters to their needs. The food menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The drink menu includes martinis.

Looking good.

Looking good.

The space ranges inside and out.

For saying so long to our great friend Melinda, I picked a booth (somewhat overriding my dear wife Karen, but I was not feeling th outdoor atmosphere). Melinda and I chose egg/toast/potato dishes, and Karen went for a grilled cheese/tomato soup combo. It was all quite tasty.

Conversation was so intense and important I neglected to take photos of the food.

Hip to be Armory Square?

Hip to be Armory Square?

I did note with my iPhone 6 before and after meal time, though, how hard they were trying to be hip.

Karen noted how nobody at lunch time was drinking a malt.

What do you think of Modern Malt’s outside look? What do you think of Modern Malt’s inside look? Click on the link above if you could and tell me what you think of Modern Malt’s menu.

9 thoughts on “Modern Malt shows some downtown chic

  1. It looks fine Mark – I would for sure eat there. But it does not seem special in any way. I don’t know about Syracuse but in Ottawa Malts are not common enough to use as a specialty – they would not draw in customers.


    • Malts were big in the 60s … Taken over by the quite common Milk Shake, Paul. If malt is indeed an ingredient, that makes it uncommon, a throwback and now special. If you know what I’m getting at. It’s a special texture compared to the shake you get at the fast food places.

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  2. Place looks nice and the menu looks really good, if a little pricey. I’d be especially happy at being able to get sandwiches/burgers on a gluten free roll. But the egg choices look yummy and I noticed a couple of good looking salads. Nice!


  3. It looks clean, comfortable and relaxing. I would definitely go there for breakfast or lunch, but probably not for dinner unless I just needed a quick bite before heading off somewhere else. The biggest drawback for me, however, would be that there’s probably no off-street parking, and I really hate to parallel park.


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