A little holiday light on the Little Bitty

I came home from work one night and the lights caught my eye right away.

Looking good in Eastwood

Looking good in Eastwood

Good Neighbor Tim and his Wonderful Wife Lorraine had chosen to decorate a nice bush toward our side of their house for his holiday season. A multi-colored string of lights provided the festive touch.

I liked it.

Very much.

And so when I clocked out from my job at the big box the next time, thus inspired, I went to the holiday section and made a purchase of my own.

And on our side of the driveway ...

And on our side of the driveway …

Evergreen tree hosting multi-colored lights was my choice on our side. Not that I’m a copycat or anything.

I worked a morning shift that day, but left our Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood for my bowling night before my dear wife Karen returned home from work.

Side by side upon my return home from bowling.

Side by side upon my return home from bowling.

She said she liked my winding work.

When I got home from bowling, I appreciated the total effect of our similar-but-different homes.

Mission accomplished. We have our Christmas tree for 2015.

Happy holidays.

Do you decorate outside your home for the holidays, and if so, where do you place the decorations? Do you prefer multi-colored or single-colored holiday lights? Do you prefer to go big or go simple with the holiday fare?

49 thoughts on “A little holiday light on the Little Bitty

  1. The lights on your two trees make your homes look very cheerful when you arrive home.
    Last year was my first year not putting out my nativity scenes, and this is the first year in my life I won’t purchase a tree, which surprises me, for I love taking out the decorations–some made by the boys-now-men who no longer speak to me, but which I can now handle with fond memories more than tears.

    I just feel like keeping everything very low-key this year. It still looks and feels like Christmas in my very tiny home, with a single fresh wreath and a vase of holly berries in the living room, and the dining room table topped by an advent wreath and a small Scandinavian tree decoration. Those are all I need.


  2. Lovely! There is nothing like lighting up the darkness of winter with some festive lights or candles! Lighting up the outside of your home is quite an American thing, I think, but it is getting more and more popular over here. Some people go overboard, but yours is very tasteful. I dont have lights outside my house, but if I did, I’d do the same as you. Sometimes less is most definitely more!


  3. That is really a cute tree bro Mark. Mine is a bead and safety pin tree I gave my Mom about 25 years ago, and brought back when we cleared out her home in July and August. My decorations appear as I make them, then disappear as I gift them to others. Fun, fun, fun.


    • Making and giving is a great holiday spirit, sis Angie. I hope your recovery of the tree you gave to your mom a quarter-century ago brightens your spirits some in the next few weeks, my dear.


  4. Very nice, Mr. B! Who cares if you were “inspired” by (copied) your neighbor, it’s all good! πŸ™‚

    We vary depending on our stress level that year. If we are feeling festive and with plenty of time in our hands, we decorate the outside. Otherwise, we stick to decorating the inside only, minus a couple of door and garage wreaths. Of course, there is always some type of Chevy Chase incident in which the lights don’t work or the tree falls over. It wouldn’t be Christmas without an incident, right? Hee,hee.

    Here’s to a safe, healthy & Feliz Navidad, mi amigo!


  5. There’s something so festive about multi-colored lights, but I’ve always liked the clear ones…so that’s what we use. Inside and out. I have a touch of South Carolina in my windows…a silk magnolia blossom on all the evergreen garlands. It’s a bit different. Nice of you to surprise Karen with your decorating, Mark. Well done.❀️


  6. Oh we love Christmas Lights Terp-We do the base of all Palm Trees they look stunning in only white lights. Wreaths I freshly make each year and they illuminate with white lights. Two indoor Christmas Trees (7′ ones) yes we love to decorate for the Holidays!!! Gatorette


  7. We don’t do lights outside, but I put them in the window so when my oldest comes home, they will welcome her. I like your little lit tree. Very sweet.
    Once a year we drive through one of those elaborate neighborhoods where everyone is lit and act like little kids.


  8. When we first bought our house, I decorated outside a bit – just candy canes lining the walkway and a few lights on the downstairs windows. Then I got busier and lazier, and the kids grew up and left. Now, I maybe would think about decorating the outside because of the recent renovations, but with the wild neighborhood kids, I’d be afraid of vandalism so I just decorate inside for my own family who will be coming over for Christmas brunch.

    Your little tree looks very festive, Mark.


  9. No lights outside. No lights inside. We have not done any decorating of any kind. We did, however, buy a most beautiful tree. My oldest son went and picked it out and it is perfect. But it is naked. It does not have one decoration on it – yet!!! Everyone time I walk past the living room, I think a man is standing in our living room by the window but then I realize it is our undecorated tree. It’s freaking me out. Must put some lights on it this weekend.


  10. I do not decorate outside. I kinda wish I married someone who wanted to climb on the ladder and hang twinkly lights — are there people who enjoy that? My dad always did it, but I don’t know if he liked it…
    Anyway, I loooove twinkly lights! In fact, seeing your tiny evergreen makes me think two things: I should totally plant an evergreen and I should put twinkly lights on it! No ladder required! We have an enormous, gorgeous, perfectly shaped fur out back, but it’s like, three stories tall and this is not Rockefeller Center πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the Mister would much rather put a fir in the size of ours for future twinkly lights than attack your Rockefeller Center-worthy specimen out back, Joey! Hey, if the ground is still soft enough, I get one can be bought, transplanted and decorated this weekend!

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    • Oh, Joey, get the Christmas you crave.

      Cheat with your indoor windows and run twinkly light strings around the inside of the window frames, using painters tape or thumbtacks. Just use extension cords. Our house looked pretty fancy without clambering all over the outside, and we got to enjoy the lights more inside, as well.

      With just a tiny bit more ambition, at any outdoor high point which is not too difficult to reach by step-stool or -ladder, set a large hook (the size of a quarter to half-dollar, say). This can stay up year-round without your house looking like you just don’t care anymore, like all those folks who leave their light strings up year-round. (Me? Judgemental much?)

      Run an extension cord up to the hook. Plug a twinkly light string to this and run it up and down from hook to ground, spreading out in a fan shape, or, if you can manage it, a semi-circle, staking down the bottom ends with the cheapest of hook-topped tent pegs.

      It will be a twinkly tree at night, and still look like a tree shape in the daytime. Heck, throw a red bow on it.

      (Have you seen JOEY’s house?! Ooooo!!)


  11. I like it! Have you watched that show about the Christmas lights? I think it’s on ABC on Tuesday nights. Anyways, they have all these huge light displays with music and strobes and one guy had flame throwers and water bombs. It’s fun to watch, but I’d be a hard judge on that show. I don’t like the crazy flashing lights and moving panels and loud music. I like it simpler. I like Little Bitty’s and her neighbors. πŸ™‚


    • I caught some of that show this week, Rachel. I think I’d stop and stare at this lavish houses, sure. But I know I’d hate to be the neighbors dealing with the glare, the traffic and the noise. And the pilots trying to land the planes in nearby airports dealing with the strobes and lasers … Thanks for your kind words about the Little Bitty and Good Neighbor Tim’s simple displays.


  12. I like you and David setting up your display in the back, MBC. That’s a nice new take on the subject, for you, the neighbors and the kids when they come over. Happy holidays are upon us. ❀


  13. We do. But actually, the majority will be behind the house. Just for us. And our neighbors. And the kids when they come over. πŸ™‚ I like the multicolored AND the white lights. They all look wonderful!


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