CNY Bloggers Group breaks vegetables

Behind that glass sits power unharnessed.

Behind that glass sits power unharnessed.

Mitch Mitchell doesn’t just sit down every day to figure out what he wants to share with the world on his blog.

Mitchell has to choose what to publish on his five.

Stefanie Noble has gotten back to posting every day at her place. She pushes the publish button from the same street where I live, yes, in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Joe Cunninghamm also has left his gig writing a tech blog for an alternative broadcasting company. He’s revved up starting a Swell movie/TV project.

Oh, it was fun talking to the handful of folks hanging out this week at the latest meeting of the CNY Bloggers Group.

I get excited when I meet my friends here in BloggyVille. The fact is that every day I can click a link on Facebook for bloggers around my hometown. I joined shortly after I started this blog in February 2013. My longtime friend Margaret McCormick, writer of the excellent blog Eat First, told me about the informal organization.

I went to one meeting early on, at Syracuse University, and I really enjoyed meeting the leader of the group Renee Benda and listening to what she had to say. Afterward, I connected to her running and fitness blog and appreciated it greatly, even though I don’t run and could be more fit. The second part of that presentation, though, left me with my head spinning somewhat, as teachers from the university’s digital school talked about metrics and measuring that were a bit beyond my newbie blogger’s scope. Besides, I did not like calling a headline a title. At all. I had a long way to go converting from big daily newsroom guy to sit-in-my-recliner blogger.

I attended another CNY Bloggers meeting a half-year later at the offices of the Syracuse New Times and met more people, shaking hands and feeling more comfortable talking this language.

Christopher S. Malone, not-quite-30 writer of The Infinite Abyss(es) blog, talked to me about writing for the New Times. He snagged a blog there that became very popular. And became a good friend of mine in real life.

The meetings were sporadic. I missed some, but liked to click on the Facebook page to keep abreast of goings. I posted there infrequently, only the stories I deemed my best, maybe once a month or less, not wanted to give the others Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle overload.

But it sure is nice to have a net.

So I decided it was time to go again when Benda and Cunningham called for this meeting at Syracuse Coworks. I’d never heard of it. But Joe explained that it’s where he makes his business home these days, moving from the free WiFi of Syracuse coffee shops. It’s a big second-floor downtown loft with desk space. Anybody can pay $100 per month to get a key for 24-hour access and free WiFi, coffee and a meeting room for conferences.

Cunningham thought it was perfect to bring a couple of cut-up sandwiches and a veggie tray and let we bloggers sit on the sofas and chairs to chat about whatever we wanted.

Click on any gallery photo for a description. Click on the bottom photo for an enlarged slide show.

Everybody made sure they at least knew the names of all other bloggers.

Pleasantries and blog origins and frequencies and oddities and hopes were shared.

Mark Britz doesn’t mind using Blogger but worries about Google deciding to take his copy away.

Wilson Cummer is doing well with his photography blog and will say hello to his wife for me, my friend and former colleague at the big daily, Michelle Briedenbach.

I joshed with tech gadget writer Benjamin A. Ingber about his story about going back to Apple products.

Joanna Giansante admitted she hasn’t done a thing with her blog for nine months because she’s had to care for her mom.

We all nodded and sighed a little.

We certainly are all in this together. Hey, I understand the metrics a lot better, thank you. But I hate to tell you, that thing up top where I tried to pull you in by switching vegetables for bread? Headline, my friends. Definitely a headline, still and forever.

Would you join a group of local bloggers if it were available, and why or why not? If you worked out of your home, would you consider renting a space such as Syracuse Coworks, and why or why not? What’s your biggest pressing issue about blogging that you’d like to discuss?

29 thoughts on “CNY Bloggers Group breaks vegetables

  1. I like the idea of meeting once a month. I would not pay $ for the WiFi and coffee. The work space looks cool, though. Great idea but would hope enough peopleft w I uld blind down the cost. Always on a budget but smiling at photos and hope energy gave you “food for fodder.” πŸ™‚


  2. i think it’a a great idea. a common place for bloggers to share, meet, relax and vent. all good in the real world and the blogger connection makes it even better, having that as a common thread.


  3. Alright! Not only did I not remain the only person who wrote about our get together this year but I made the first line!

    It was a lot of fun, as always. I’d missed a couple while I was out of town and was hoping another one came before I possibly left again. If it encourages just one more person to either start writing or writing more, I’ll feel really good about it.

    Great meeting you also; wonderful post!


  4. I went to school in CNY — would have loved blogging then. Yes, I would def join a blogging group locally if it came up somehow but I think we would meet in each other’s home spaces, rotating. I would discuss the community aspect of blogging — how to develop friendships and deal with the occasional problematic person. Nice post, Mark. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a great idea, Mark! I wonder if there’s a group here in Calgary. What do you come away with, I mean besides connecting in person with blogs you’re following? ❀
    Diana xo


  6. I would join a group of available bloggers, Mark. I believe I’ve demonstrated that, albeit on a small scale, earlier this month.

    Here’s my title/headline for this comment:

    Koplow Connects to Bialczak, Blogging.

    What do you think?


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