Final Fridays, Promises Broken, First Mondays and Great Guitarists in a Syracuse music roundup

Fabulous Ripcords. (Provided photo)

Fabulous Ripcords. (Provided photo)

Last chance this season at Theater Mack

My friend Ron Thompson sent over a reminder that the cool monthly happy hour shows in the marvelously refurbished little carriage house in Auburn, N.Y., stages its final edition of spring this week.

The Fabulous Ripcords headline. The powerful blues band was recognized at this year’s Native American Music Awards as well as the Syracuse Area Music Awards.

It’ll be a home area show for opening singer-songwriter Dusty Pas’cal. Pas’cal’s original folk-rock sound has been a favorite in the Syracuse area for a decade, as well as an inspiration for his nephew Kohlton Pascal, who earned a Golden Ticket and many fans with his down-this-road gravel-voiced audition that impressed all three judges on this season’s “American Idol.”

The show starts at 6 p.m. Admission is $5.

Here’s the link for Theater Mack.

Promo Flyer

Promo Flyer

Bringing back an underground fave

Undergang drummer Illin’ sent over word that the Promise Breakers event is coming back after a year off.

“The Promise Breakers put on a spring and fall show highlighting the best of Syracuse’s underground Art and Music scene for one night under one roof,” he wrote. “The spring show will feature four bands: Man Woman Machine, Vicious Rumours, Papership and Undergang, with a slew of local artists.”

The show is Saturday, May 30, at The Looker Room, 528 Hiawatha Boulevard. The doors open at 7 p.m. for an artists reception, and music begins at 8. The cover charge is $3.

The reason for the return is a pretty big one. It’s the 20th anniversary for the Promise Breakers. If you dig the art above, there’s work like that on view at the show.

Guitarists can gather to trade notes

Old friend Dick Ward wants to remind all Central New York guitarists they they’re invited to join like-minded players at the monthly meetings of the Central New York Guitar League.

It’s always the first Monday of the month, unless otherwise noted. That makes June’s meeting date June 1, at the Clarion Hotel, 100 Farrell Road, Syracuse.

The main presenter is Mark Zane, a native of Utica who put out his first collection, “American Hunger,” in 2008. In 2012, he released the follow-up, “Walk It Off,” recorded with Steve Sopchak and Sopchak’s The Square Studio in Marcellus.

The Doo Rons — Ron Kadey and Ron Carr — starts the night at around 6:30.

Here’s the link for the Guitar League’s site.

Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb play in Homer

There are not too many acoustic guitar players in the world who can bring together their sound as beautifully as Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb.

The Sammys Hall of Famer Barrigar met New Zealand native Mazengarb because of a shared love of the work of Australian star Tommy Emmanuel and an affinity for road work. They paired up. Now their duo has recorded and tours the world together.

They’ll play a near-hometown show for Barrigar’s fans this Friday, May 29, at the Homer Center for Performing Arts. Tickets are $20. And it’s a true hometown show for opener Alanna-Marie Boudreau.

Here’s the link for Live Space Entertainment’s Facebook page with photos about the show.

Music news you’d like to share can be sent to

Which show would be your first choice, and why?


13 thoughts on “Final Fridays, Promises Broken, First Mondays and Great Guitarists in a Syracuse music roundup

  1. I sure would love to hear the Great Guitarists. Wish I could still play mine. Sometimes I wonder if Don has taken care of it well enough that is still playable.


  2. I DO dig the art! In fact, I printed and put it on my bulletin board.
    Sounds like a fantastic time, Mark! I assume you’ll be attending and reporting back??
    Now, this sparked a question I should already know. Do you play the guitar? It seems like I remember reading that you do way back when we first met, but my brain is failing these days!


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