The little tease, and a B&W challenge answer

It’s going to get nice here in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood eventually. It’s spring, after all.

Saturday afternoon, I noticed more green in the backyard my dear wife Karen and I’s cherished Little Bitty.

I could throw a steak on.

I could throw a steak on.

The grill has been liberated from its mound of covering snow.

Dogamous Pyle can sniff around the shed to her heart's content.

Dogamous Pyle can sniff around the shed to her heart’s content.

The shed is completely free from the white covering that had hidden any access for Ellie B’s hunt for wild animals.

In front, too, there are signs of the melt.

The driveway and front walk are border free.

The driveway and front walk are border free.

Just a week ago, there was no place to throw the snow on the banks of the driveway and front walk. Now you can see grass around the expanse of both.

I’ve also been tagged by Y, writer and photographer and owner of the excellent PriorHouse blog, to participate in the 5-Post Black&White Challenge. Consider this Post One.

A tip of Forsythia.

A tip of Forsythia.

There is still plenty of snow just inches from that plot of ground I showed you in the front above. Much is in the angle, of approach, yes?

Piles in the backyard.

Piles in the backyard.

And the backyard still had piles for Dogamous Pyle to bury and unbury her bones and toys, too.

Today I tag my Syracuse friend and fellow blogger Jim of Irish Investigations to take part in the 5-Post B&W Challenge.

36 thoughts on “The little tease, and a B&W challenge answer

  1. YAY for the green grass! You know, Mark, as much as I love snow, that is the part I hate…. when it is in the melting stages and it’s gotten dirty and isn’t so beautiful anymore. But at least you still don’t have to mow yet.:)


  2. Darn – i’m still not getting notifications. Sorry I’m late Mark. It is below freezing here too, about -16 fahrenheit, it is sunny and I went out for a walk. It was fine until the wind swirled, then it was chilly. Our snow is melting too but not as fast as yours. Those were great pictures you took.


  3. I thought we were completely snow free Mark. At least compared to you we are. We went on a hike yesterday and deep within the recesses of some caves we found some ice and snow still remained, though we’ve had some 70 degree days. Surprised me!!!

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  4. I do feel bad you are not seeing as much green as we are here. I also feel your use of the word, “tease,” is totally appropriate with those minimal amounts of green popping out in your yard and around the neighborhood. Mark, hoping you won’t have snow or freezing sleet, I have hopes for Spring to reign over Winter! Smiles!


      • It’s been hovering around zero (32f) here. Yesterday, we had the most magical/mystical icy crystally fog. Very unusual for these parts. My breath seemed to warm and melt it so that my face and hair became damp as soon as I stepped outdoors.

        Chilled to the bone from the dampness and yet caught in the beauty of the day – a nice place to be. 🙂


  5. thanks so much for the adjective excellent (truly humbled) and also so glad you said si.

    and int his post – the melt of the snow – had such a nice ring to it – the “tip of Forsythia” was my fav image and now I am off to visit Jim’s blog that you linked – hope you have a nice rats of your sunday.


  6. Hey, spring really is coming to Syracuse. You should celebrate by surprising Karen with a steak dinner! I love the photos. B&W shows more detail than color will ever show, even though color is prettier, but go for the detail as well as the color when you can. Great job bro. Mark


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