Welcome a TV star from Evil Squirrel’s Nest

My 21st Place prize! (From ESN)

My 21st Place prize! (From ESN)

Yes, that is a squirrel doing what you think it might be doing. Oh, nuts, I thought after I ripped open my Christmas card from Bill, the wonderful creator over at Evil Squirrel’s Nest.

Earlier this month, ESN declared on his blog that he had 20 pieces of his hand-drawn artwork featuring his recurring furry characters to send along with holiday cards to the first 20 who claimed them.

I was a tad too slow.

I was No. 21, ESN informed me when he got my email with my address. But in the spirit of the holiday — and his yearlong series that described his contestantship on the infamous ABC game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” he dubbed me the “First Loser” and told me he’d draw me a special card and send it my way.

Because I had so tickled him with a comment I’d made about a particular between-segment activity that might occupy host Regis for longer than expected, I had an inkling of what my custom-inked card might entail.

Fastest fingers indeed for ESN. Welcome to Syracuse, Regis.

Here’s the link for all of Evil Squirrel’s 20 characters sent around the country — now 21 with my First Loser special — to find their way back home.


Thank you so much, Bill. It’s a winner, unlike some of the contestants on said episode …

32 thoughts on “Welcome a TV star from Evil Squirrel’s Nest

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  2. I was not a big fan of Regis, who would talk in the third person and who seemed rather ‘pompous,’ but I bet is nice in reality… I love Mike Strayham with Kelly Ripa on the old time slot of Regis and his prior partner… I love the squirrel but am wishing I had time to visit everyone tonight… smiles!


    • I did not watch the daytime Regis show, Robin, but loved ot watch the Millionaire game show on network by taping it and watching with the family. It was always a favorite for those couple of years it was on. If you click back, Bill even puts the YouTube ciips of his appearance on the show on the Evil Squirrel blog. When you find a minute next year!


  3. That is a strange cartoon indeed. But props for having Jenny’s number (I got your number on the wall). I put that number on our Communication Card example slide at church, and rarely does anyone notice.


  4. Really neat First Loser prize Mark. That makes being a loser the biggest winner in my book. Kinda like my losing the 10 skeins of yarn a month, but then receiving that deep, deep discount on yarn until the end of this year. Already ordered some, but will probably order even more before the year ends.


  5. I’m glad to see De Reege made it safely… and apparently didn’t even take time to make a stop at his alma mater Notre Dame on the way. Even though you were the First Loser, in a way you were the winner since you were the only one who got something drawn especially for you! I’ll include this in the results post I plan on making once all of the rest of the cards get reported…. if they ever all get reported!


    • He didn’t even stop for a potty break, Bill! Thanks again for my custom-make Reege. He’s never to be forgotten in the Little Bitty once I figure out how to show him to my dear wife Karen!!


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