How much crime and decay should we tolerate?

My friend Jim addresses an issue that worries many in Syracuse.

Jim McKeever

The night the cops raided the apartment below us, we no longer felt safe here.

My girlfriend’s apartment building is in a city neighborhood that not too long ago was relatively peaceful and stable. But that has eroded in recent years, and the signs that this is a “transitional” neighborhood are not subtle.

Shootings, armed robberies, assaults at all hours of the day and night. Not on a regular basis, but often enough to be unsettling. All just a few streets from us.

We look out the window and see trash strewn on lawns, including ours. There’s often broken glass in our parking lot. We frequently have to put up with noisy, inconsiderate neighbors.

Most weeks, we take care of all the trash and recycling because few tenants think to take it to the curb on pickup day. If we don’t, it just sits next to the building and attracts squirrels and…

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3 thoughts on “How much crime and decay should we tolerate?

  1. The story sounds familiar. One of the reasons we moved from the city was the decaying schools. The other was the scary gang of kids that hung around with our new neighbor. Not a different ethnicity or race, just very menacing. After years of working in an even larger city, this scared me.


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