A month of daily writing goes by like a short paragraph

Can you post every day for a month? Well, can you? (From disney.wikia.com)

Can you post every day for a month? Well, can you? (From disney.wikia.com)

Well, NaPoBloMo is over.

If it was the good, old days, I would say: Writers, put down your pens.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned during the past month of blogging every day, it’s this. I’ve come a long way from my good, old days. And I like it.

When I first read the term NaPoBloMo, I thought: What in Jiminy Cricket is that?

Then I learned it was akin to NaNoWriMo. Because in no way was I ready for Natonal Novel Writing Month, I decided it was best to adopt the principle of National Post a Blog Month. I didn’t officially sign up or anything. Instead I gave it my blood vow. I would post an entry every day on this blog of mine.

I knew I could do it. I just didn’t know if I’d like it very much, or, worse yet, if anybody out there would like it at all.

Through 30 days of posting, I know that I loved it. I had great fun coming up with ideas. I had a blast running around town with my iPhone always ready to click on camera mode, point and shoot. Most importantly, I cherished the time I spent right here at my little keyboard, sharing my thoughts and words.

No, it wasn’t easy. At times I mentally renamed the whole exercise NaPoEvBiBloScrMo. That would be National Pour Every Bit of your Blood onto the Screen Month. But I daily found new ways. I tried to be funny, serious, sporting, reflective, all in one big mess of a blog. Yes, sometimes even all in one post. It is so very satisfying.

For many years, whenever I was invited to speak to young writers in high school, and when I taught a college journalism class, I always told the attentive students this: The only way to learn how to write is to write.

My November of daily posting taught me that is forever true.

As for the second part of my fret, I’ve received some indicators that there are some folks out there who like what I’m doing. When I hit on something distinctively Syracuse, the views pile up from the list of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends and followers I’ve been fortunate to compile over time. Thank you.

And when I manage to strike a universal chord, the comments come in from my fellow bloggers from all over the world. I read their work every day and tell them what I think. They do the same for me. I’ve even been nominated for Blog of the Year Award 2013 and Versatile Blogger Award, cool things floating around the WordPress blogosphere.

I’ve made a new batch of friends, and we’re attached at our blogs. Thank you, very much.

So, it’s Dec. 1, and you’ve still got me. Jiminy Cricket, how you’ve got me.

10 thoughts on “A month of daily writing goes by like a short paragraph

  1. i understand and agree with this mark, it has evolved into something much more than i ever imagined. i’ve really enjoyed reading your variety of posts, and like you, i seem to write a bit of everything. some work better than others as far as positive feedback, but some i am happy to have just written down to satisfy my desire for expression, even if no one reads them. i enjoy reading things from many perspectives, i enjoy the personal give and take and learn from it every day. )


    • It has been exciting to meet like-minded writers such as yourself, Beth. This whole experience reinforces the communal power of words done well. For you and I (and most of us here on WordPress) there will be good days, better days and days where we really hit it. Oh, yeah, and a few here and there that just, well, fall a tad shorter than the rest. The important thing is to reach for the uniquely special idea with each attempt. Thanks for your feedback, always, and I will continue to tell you what I think about your writings from Ann Arbor.


  2. Great post Mark, again, I wish I had written it. I had no idea what either term meant. I had just started blogging 5 days before the start of November, so I scrambled to find out about them. I may have had an advantage in NaBloPoMo just because I was so new to blogging and had that, “this is so much fun” newbie energy lol! I have truly enjoyed your posts, getting to know you through our mutual losses and gains, and you wonderful writing.


    • This whole darn blog thing is an experience I enjoy more and more, Kim, working through the frustrations and finding the satisfactions. Thanks for your kind words. Your newbie energy has been contagious. Keep writing, you Brunswickian.


      • I’m sitting here with biggest grin. you have been MY encouragement, and I’m starting to love the term “Brunswickian”! Yes, I am loving this new “hobby” that I hope to make something more, and the wonderful people I am meeting. I look forward to this every day!


  3. I shall continue to enjoy reading – even the American sports stuff that is really completely over my English head! Glad to have found a blogging friend in you Mark.


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