Cheers for a March sunset

Pretty start. I was fortunate to look out our front door and toward the west as the sun was completing its journey on as the clock wound toward 6 p.m. Wednesday. March 1 made its mark by leaving an open slice from the gray cloud line on the horizon for the pretty orange on the…

My sunset over the lake snippet

Thank you for a lovely downward arc. I’ve owed you all this scene of the sun saying so long over the winter lake snippet we get at the end of our block’s downhill turn. There you go. I like it.

Sun sets in the backyard, too

Wandering around the backyard after a workday I realize that the front of the house isn’t the only place I can spot an interesting winter sunset. I like the way it sits just over our neighbor’s house to the west. Happy January sunset this is.

Sunset and the lake

My dear wife Karen and I get to squeeze in a winter walk with our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle. At the start, I thought I’d get clever with the iPhone 8 and the neighbor’s tall tree. At the end, I concentrated on our slice of Onondaga Lake and saying goodbye to…