Something special happened in Florida

The text and photo came a few days into my terrific daughter Elisabeth and George Three’s winter getaway to Florida. He asked. She accepted. Happy. Happy. Happy. Status will change from sensational significant to son-in-law. Joy. Joy. Joy. Oh, you may be hearing more about this journey. You think?

Even the cherished rescue mutt knows the current rules

We hadn’t seen the kids since mid-March, but terrific daughter Elisabeth had added two cloth masks to an order she’d made for her and George Three. So over they came over for a drop-off so my dear wife Karen and I would have them for our essential (and sparing) trips to the grocery and pharmacy.…

Looking more than present-able

Now there’s a daughter who’s happy with the jacket given to her as a Christmas present. Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle is pretty psyched that the kids were here for a visit. (And bringing wine glasses for my dear wife Karen.)