Hopeful ducks

Groundhog Day 2020 has passed, and old Phil told us spring will be arriving early. It was nice enough on Feb. 3 to take an 11 a.m. work break walk along Onondaga Lake. The pair of ducks out for a swim were hoping that the groundhog will be correct.

It went swimmingly

My dear wife Karen caught some nice sights during her girls getaway trip to Florida. I wanted to share this water view of the ducks between the boats.

The procession of baby birds continues

On a recent work break walk, we caught mama bird leading her brood from the street to the sidewalk in our Village of Liverpool street adjacent to the library. Everybody and everything stopped for them. That is my best wish, anyway. Mama decided they’d had enough of sidewalk.

Nature’s confused

On a recent walk during my morning break from work at the library, we passed some confused ducks at the Village of Liverpool’s Washington Park. Yes, there they sat in a small puddle in a grassy plot not a mile from the big park next to the shore of the bigger Onondaga Lake. This has…