Welcome, big boat

We noticed the first big boat of the season getting tied into its seasonal moor at the Onondaga Lake marina late last week. It looked lonely. Not for long, we thought as we walked during our afternoon work break.

Large and larger

Our neighbors put the boats in their driveway in what I expect is their fall ritual. The red boat seems really big. Until you see the blue boat. I wonder if they ever race?

Hello to you, too, Anna

The big boat I’d been waiting for pulled into its Onondaga Lake Marina slip this week. As I walked on our work break with my colleagues, I happily pulled my iPhone 8 out to catch the craft with the so-clever moniker painted across the back. I’m glad to greet Me Anna You II from nearby…

This boat goes from here to there

The boat is back near the neighbor’s driveway near a Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville. It’s a stretch to fit this baby in the front yard. I’m talking about the boat on the left, naturally. Although the boat on the right would suffice for a trip out on any of the waters…