Love your graphics

I never know what might be attached to the texts from my terrific daughter Ellisabeth. What an artist. I don’t quite know if I shouldtoadmire her cat Ava or pity her for this particular pose … Admission: My first reaction was a big laugh.

Batter up!

Uncle Bill sent a small batting helmet to Elisabeth and George Three. Just like the real thing, with padding inside and everything, my terrific daughter informs me via text. Or course she had to place it on the head of cherished rescue cat Ava. Who might not like the idea of playing baseball much.

Cats and penguins

You didn’t think that Elisabeth and George could go see live penguins and not bring back a stuffed toy for cherished rescue cat Ava, did you?

Ava and the hippo

You didn’t think that Elisabeth and George would go see a live hippo without bringing home a stuffed toy for their Ava, did you? Very nice.